Blue of Kocaeli Bayraklı Non-stop Transportation to Beach

kocaelide blue flag coastal transport begins
kocaelide blue flag coastal transport begins

One of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, TransportationPark A.Ş. The 800K and 800C lines, which are organized every year in the summer by 15, will commence operations on June 2019 upon intense demand. Blue of Kandira Bayraklı coasts Kerpe, Kefken, Kumcağız and Cebeci direct buses that provide direct access, this season with the opening of the sea season will provide transportation services to citizens.

TransportationPark, 2 has been preparing to offer 800CK, 800K and 800C lines, which have been preferred by citizens for years, to the people of Kocaeli in the summer season of 2019. The 800 lines, which are frequently used by the citizens going to the sea, will provide direct transportation to the beaches with Kerpe and Cebeci Mavi flags. You can also get detailed information about the 800CK, 800K and 800C lines and find out the timetable. www.kocaeli.bel.t is ve I citizens can reach detailed information from addresses.

15 Starting from June 2019, 800K will operate on the Gulf - Derince - Izmit - Kerpe routes. 07 on Saturday: At 30, the first bus departing from the Gulf Municipality will be running once a minute in the morning and evening. The last bus hour departing from the Gulf will be 30: 21. The first time starting from 30: 09 from Karpathos will continue until 00: 30 in the evening, with 23 minutes at peak hours and 30 round-trip.

15 June 2019 800C, another bus line that will start its flights on Saturday, will operate on Körfez-Derince-İzmit-Kefken-Cebeci route. 07C will perform the first time at 15: 800, and 21: 00 the last time. On the other hand, the first 09C line from Cebeci will be completed at 30: 800 and will serve the citizens with a total of 23 voyages.

15 June 2019 Day One of the buses that will provide direct transportation to the blue flag beaches will be the 800CK line. The line, which will facilitate the transportation of holidaymakers during the week, will perform their flights from Gulf to 07: 00 to 21: 00 and from Cebeci to 10: 00 to 23: 00. The 800CK line, which will serve the citizens on weekdays, will operate on the Gulf-Derince-Izmit-Kerpe-Kumcagiz-Kefken-Cebeci route and will organize a total of 28 voyages.


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