baracli and bagis iett
34 Istanbul

Baraçlı and Bağış Celebrated with IETT Staff

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Hayri Baraçlı and IETT General Manager Ahmet Bağış celebrated his feasts by visiting the İETT employees in the pre-holiday ceremony. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, a safe and peaceful holiday of Istanbul residents [more…]

enver sedat tamgaci samulas is friendly
55 Samsun

Enver Sedat Tamgacı: 'SAMULAŞ is Environment Friendly'

SAMULAŞ General Manager Enver Sedat Tamgacı said, “As SAMULAŞ, we believe that being environmentally friendly and reducing the amount of carbon footprint is the biggest requirement. Environmental awareness is one of our most important responsibilities, ”said“ Transportation ”under Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

There are good news from izmir korfez
35 Izmir

Beautiful News from Izmir Bay

For the first time, a different type of "pipe worm" was encountered in underwater photographs taken from different parts of the Izmir Bay. E.Ü Fisheries, stating that a species of this size and color of pipe worms, who love clean seas, has been viewed for the first time. [more…]

work at the second airport to the sea is full throttle
08 Artvin

Work at the Second Airport to the Sea Full Gas Driving

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, onto the sea will be Turkey's second airport built with fill method Rize and Artvin Airport is the most important part of the completion of 56 percent of the breakwater filler stones in nature, said: "All of airport infrastructure construction is considered, [more…]

Citizens prefer the car ferries, the osmangazi snout remains empty
41 Kocaeli

Osmangazi Bridge Left Empty

The choice of citizens who went to Eid holidays was Eskihisar ferry port. While it was observed that the traffic density was quite high at the pier, the citizens did not choose the Osmangazi Bridge, which costs 103 TL for one-way pass. Citizens who evaluate the Ramadan holiday from Istanbul [more…]

osmangazi koprusunde exchange preparation
41 Kocaeli

Preparation for 'Install' on Osmangazi Bridge

The Yavuz Sultan Selim and Osmangazi bridges, the Eurasia Tunnel and the Istanbul-Izmir and the Northern Environment motorways were constructed by the private sector by the build-operate-transfer (BOT) model. In these projects, vehicle tolls were determined as foreign exchange. CAR TRANSITION WARRANTY State, this [more…]

tem motorway is the end of july
81 Plain

TEM Motorway Düzce Tolls End of July

Duzce closed TEM highway connection, Gölyaka and Kaynaşlı toll halls did not catch up with the weather due to a new date for the opening. According to the statement made by the regional directorate of highways; Gölyaka and Kaynaşlı toll booths will be opened before the Ramadan holiday. [more…]

What will happen after these mega projects
34 Istanbul

What Will These Mega Projects Then Be?

What will we do with the huge, dangerous and useless airport built in the wrong place? If you do not break down, if you build a new one, you are already paying the passenger guarantee money. The same is true for guaranteed pass bridges. Residences, offices, shopping malls on the lands of hospitals in the city [more…]

34 Istanbul

A Fiasco of 478 Million Euros on Rails in Marmaray

Millions of Euros worth of train sets purchased for Marmaray were taken to the warehouse due to the lack of a rail-switch system of the required length. Transport and Infrastructure Minister Turhan claimed that "cleaning and maintenance" did not cause public damage. From Cumhuriyet to Mustafa Çakır's news [more…]

history today

Today in History: 6 June 2003 About Railways

Today, June 6, 2003 The "White Table" application, in which all kinds of complaints and wishes are received, was launched. Similar News: Today in History: 6 June 2003 All kinds of complaints about railways and… Today in History: 6 June 2003 With Railways [more…]

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