turhanin feast message
06 Ankara

Minister Turhan's Ramadan Feast Message

Dear Citizens, Leaving behind the holy month of mercy, mercy and abundance, Ramadan-i Sharif; we have reached another holiday where we embrace the nation with affection. On this occasion, we celebrate your Eid al-Fitr with my heartfelt wishes; this blessed holiday, [more…]

the woman at the holidays, the steering wheel
33 Mersin

Women Drivers at the Wheel in Mersin

Total 40 female driver working in Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, continues to carry passengers in the captain seat of municipal buses at Ramazan Bayramı. Shaking the steering wheel in the buses of the Metropolitan Municipality, the total 40 female driver from Mersin, Ramadan [more…]

35 Izmir

BİSİM's 35th Station Has Also Commenced Service

The 35th station of BİSİM, the rental bike system established by the Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of making İzmir a "bicycle city", was put into service. BİSİM, which has reached 2014 million users since 2, will soon become more popular with two-driver (tandem) bicycles. [more…]

The new metro line to be built in Istanbul will shine the star of which districts in the residence
34 Istanbul

10 New Metro Line to be Made in Istanbul

10 New Metro Line to be Built in Istanbul Which Districts Will Shine the Stars in the Housing: The most important 10 metro line, which is getting closer to its operation in Istanbul, will reshape the housing preferences by facilitating the transportation of many locations from Bakırköy to Çekmeköy, Kağıthane to Zeytinburnu. Emlakjet [more…]


Your Ramadan Feast

Holidays are days when resentments are forgotten, people make peace and embrace brotherly. Holidays are the days when the consciousness of being a nation is shaped and strengthened in a society where national and religious feelings, beliefs, and customs are practiced. We wish you many loving and peaceful holidays ... Rayhaber [more…]

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