a fire drill in the subway line of uskudar cekmekoy
34 Istanbul

Üsküdar-Çekmeköy Subway Line Fire Drill is Performed

The fire simulation and exercise, which are routinely performed in order to effectively intervene against possible fires that may occur in the rail system lines of Metro Istanbul, were also carried out on the M5 Üsküdar-Çekmeköy metro line. Ümraniye, Üsküdar, Newborn Firefighters and Metro Istanbul [more…]

Eskişehir concrete road application continues
26 Eskisehir

Eskişehir Concrete Road Application Continued

With the concrete road application in Eskişehir, which is another first in the Metropolitan Municipality, on the road to Inonu-Kandilli concrete road works. The 'Concrete Road' application, which has been tried worldwide and has received successful results, continues with the works carried out in İnönü. [more…]

new way from kocaeliden istanbula
41 Kocaeli

New Highway from Kocaeli to Istanbul

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues to implement various projects for easy transportation to every point of the city. New roads are being used as an alternative transportation route while accelerating the flow of traffic. Metropolitan Municipality does not carry out transportation projects for this purpose. [more…]

landed in marmara
34 Istanbul

Marmaray Tests Have Some Problems

Gebze-Halkalı On the Marmaray Line during the test drive, even the wagons that were downloaded did not fit into the platform due to measurement errors and Marmaray sat on the concrete. Gebze-Halkalı While the works of the Marmaray Line are continuing, it will be completed within 1 month and its opening will be completed with the instruction to train 8 Marta. [more…]

vanda wants a tourism train
65 Van

Van also Wants Tourism Train!

East Express was hoped for Van, Van Lake Express Van. While the two trains were booming in tourism, Kars took the lion's share from this tourism attack. Van Lake can not get the desired output due to the end of the line Van Tatvan Van, new to Kars [more…]

26 Eskisehir

The Heart of Railways - Eskisehir

Guests of the ES TV aired Layout program Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO) President Atila Tumxuk, said TÜLOMSAŞ is in power will be able to manufacture high-speed rail, "This State Railways, the heart of Turkey," he said. Atila Tomsuk, Chairman of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO), [more…]

tcdd officials from the island train surprise
54 Sakarya

Island Train Surprise of TCDD Officials

TCDD officials came to Adapazarı today and examined Adapazarı Train Station and Mithatpaşa station. According to reports from the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) officials arrived for talks in Adapazari examination. Mithatpaşa, the last stop of the Ada Express [more…]

istanbulkart renovation centers working hours
34 Istanbul

İstanbulkart Change Locations and Working Hours 2019

Everything you want to know about istanbulkart renewal centers working hours is in our news… What time do istanbulkart renewal centers open in the morning and close in the evening? Here are the working hours of istanbulkart renewal centers in 2019… Citizens can apply and deliver their personal istanbulkart. [more…]

gozaltina alinan yht freed
16 Bursa

YHT workers detained free

9 workers and 2 Construction-Business managers who took action because they could not get their wages on the Bursa High Speed ​​Train Line were released after being detained Ç. Member of the Construction Workers Union (İnşaat-İş) working on the Bursa high-speed train line, of which the Holding is the main contractor. [more…]

seyhana new boulevard
01 Adana

New Boulevard to Seyhan District of Adana

Adana Metropolitan Municipality, which implemented giant projects that put an end to the traffic ordeal during the 5-year service period of Mayor Hüseyin Sözlü, brought a new boulevard to the central Seyhan District on the east-west axis. In Gürselpaşa Neighborhood, 863 meters long, 30 meters [more…]

41 Kocaeli

Citizen's Eye with UKOM

The Transportation Coordination Center (UKOM), founded in 2012 under the Directorate of Public Transportation of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transportation Department, works with the 7 / 24 audit and monitoring principle. In the early years of 2019, the new replacement UKOM [more…]

istanbul airport parking lot until April
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Airport Parking 7 Free until April!

At Istanbul Airport, which was opened by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on October 29, 2018, the parking service, which is free of charge since the first scheduled flight, has been extended until April 7. Scheduled flights started at Istanbul Airport on 31 October 2018 and [more…]

tcddye connected security staff overtime issue has been solved
06 Ankara

Overtime Problem of Security Officers of TCDD Resolved

As a result of the demands and initiatives of the Transport Officer-Sen, the overtime problem of the Security Guard personnel of TCDD was solved. The overtime problem of the General Directorate of Protection Security personnel with the following article dated 76855896-841.02.17-E.73232 and 22.02.2019 has been resolved. "Contractual [more…]