Samsun-Kalin Railway Line is Signed
55 Samsun

Samsun-Kalin Railway Line is Signed

A striking claim was made regarding the Samsun-Kalın railway line, whose opening was delayed many times before. It was alleged that the line was stuck with the lack of signaling that came to the fore with the train accident in Ankara. According to the news of Şükrü Berk ASKAR from Newspaper; "About [more…]

the history of the state railways administration today

Today in History: 7 June 1939 State Railways Administration

Today in history, 7 June 1857, the first contract draft of the Constanta-Chernova line was prepared. According to the report of Hakimiyet-i Milliye on June 7, 1931, there was no crop left in the hands of the farmer in the places where the railways built in the east of Ankara passed. In provinces such as Sivas and Amasya [more…]

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