iett bus burned cayir cayir
34 Istanbul

İETT Bus Cayır Cayır Burned

3, where he will depart from the bus station in the morning in Istanbul, Ayazağa. Airport bus in the direction of Arnavutköy Habipler moving empty as the city suddenly caught fire. In a short time, no one on the bus returned to the flame ball prevented a possible disaster. [more…]

use rail system in urban transportation to solve bursa traffic
16 Bursa

Solution to Bursa Traffic Using Rail System in Urban Transportation

In growing cities… Moreover, the traffic problem is an inevitable reality of daily life in cities like Bursa that grow at an abnormal speed in an unplanned and uncontrolled manner. As a matter of fact… New roads and crossroads with bridges are constantly being built in Bursa, existing roads are being expanded, but some kind of radical solution cannot be found. For years, on Highways [more…]

Agreement with Russia for the Renewal of Kuba Railways
53 Cuba

Cuba Agreed with Russia for Renewal of Railways

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuriy Borisov announced that they have signed an agreement with the Cuban government to renew the railways. Havana and Moscow signed an agreement on the renewal of railways in Cuba. Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Yuriy Borisov, At the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg [more…]

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