Has 2023 Military Service Places Announced? How to Inquire about Paid Military Places?

Paid Military Service Fee Has Been Determined So How Much Is Paid Military Service Fee?
2023 Military Service Fee

The classification results of those who will be recruited under the status of paid military service in 2023 were announced on January 18, 2023 via e-Government and military branches. Obliged persons who will benefit from paid military service will receive a one-month basic military training during the summons and dispatch periods as of February 2.

Those who will fulfill their one-month military duty with paid military service have been announced by the Ministry of National Defense (MSB). Obliged parties will be able to query via e-Government as soon as it is announced.

How to Inquire about Paid Military Places?

According to the announcement of the Ministry of National Defense, 2023 paid military places will be announced on January 18. e-government announced via. Military service places are announced via e-government. Candidates who apply for military service can learn their places by logging in via e-government.

Dispatch Dates

  • February 02 2023
  • March 02, 2023
  • April 06 2023
  • May 04 2023
  • May 31 2023
  • July 06, 2023
  • August 10, 2023
  • September 07, 2023
  • 09 Nov 2023
  • December 07 2023

What is Subpoena?

Military recruitments are made periodically and this is called summons among the people. In this respect, it is possible for people to learn their military place by logging into the portal, with the announcement of these summoning periods and the announcement of the location information.

How Much is the Military Service for 2023?

In the law enacted in June 2019, the first paid amount was determined as 31 thousand 343 TL. Afterwards, the military service fee, which increased according to the civil servant salary coefficient, was increased every six months, respectively.

The fee, which was 2019 thousand 33 in July 230, was determined as 2020 thousand 35 TL in the first half of 54 and 37 thousand 70 TL in the second half. The paid amount, which was applied as 2021 thousand 39 TL in the January-June 788 period, increased to 1 thousand 43 TL, effective from 150 July.

The Ministry of National Defense applied a military service fee of 2022 thousand 6 TL in the first 55 months of 194.

In July 2022, the military service fee was 80 thousand 64 liras.

According to the figures announced by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, the military service fee for the January-June period was 104 thousand 84 liras and 16 kuruş.

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