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How Long Does International Shipping Take?

International shipping involves moving products to other countries by air, land or sea. It is a complex system that encompasses cross-border freight with various policies and industry regulations. International shipping to preferred courier, origin and destination [more…]

Breathtaking Exercise in Yoroz Urban Forest
52 Army

Breathtaking Exercise in Yoroz Urban Forest

The search and rescue team of 15 people affiliated to the Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department carried out the first drill of the new year in the Yoroz City Forest. Located in Saraycık Neighborhood of Altınordu district of Ordu, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

Trabzon Gets New Bus Station
61 Trabzon

Trabzon Reaches Its New Bus Station

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu examined the new bus station area, which is among the projects he attaches importance to. Stating that the works are continuing at full speed, Chairman Zorluoğlu said, “We are planning to open in May” [more…]

Assigning a Pre-School Teacher against Tuition Fee

Assigning a Pre-School Teacher for Tuition

The Ministry of National Education allowed pre-school teachers to be assigned in "support training room" trainings for pre-school inclusion students in return for an additional course fee. Lessons and Additional Lessons of MEB Administrators and Teachers [more…]

Bayraktar DIHA Test Passed
59 Tekirdag

Bayraktar DİHA Passed the Test

Baykar shared the footage of Bayraktar DİHA performing an operational altitude flight of 8000 feet on his social media account. In those moments shared with the tag of National Technology Move, “Bayraktar DİHA 8000 feet Operational Altitude Flight” was used. [more…]

E will be the year of export
34 Istanbul

2023 Will Be the Year of E-Export

A sustainable momentum started to dominate in the sales of products and services through online channels to different countries from Turkey. Unlike traditional exports, Turkish companies selling their retail products to global markets via e-export or micro-export. [more…]

Archery Facility Being Built in Bursa
16 Bursa

Archery Facility Being Built in Bursa

The Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to make Bursa a brand city in sports, has also added an archery facility to the city in parallel with the increasing interest in modern and traditional archery, especially in recent years. Amateur sports in Bursa [more…]