Personal Journey with Legendary Service
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Personal Journey with Legendary Service

Lux Level Investment & Travel (Lux Level Investment, Real Estate and Travel Company) is a luxury company specialized in paying attention to the itinerary design for its clients according to their personal preferences, in Bodrum district of Muğla. [more…]

Congenitally Electric Mixer and ATAs Take to the Streets of Timisoara
40 Romania

Born Electric Karsan e-ATAs Take to the Streets of Timisoara

Karsan, whose reputation exceeds the borders of Turkey with its modern public transportation solutions suitable for the mobility needs of the age, continues to play a pioneering role in Europe's electrified public transportation transformation. Karsan, which is growing rapidly in Europe, is the first of its born electric e-ATA model. [more…]

Improvised Theater Show Started in Eskisehir
26 Eskisehir

'Improvised Theater Show' Started in Eskişehir

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Youth Center started its “Improvisational Theater Show” in Alpu district to meet young people in rural districts. The youth in the district attended the show organized in cooperation with the Metropolitan Municipality Youth Center and the Eski Theater team. [more…]

Athletics Cinari Nejat Kok Burial in Izmir
35 Izmir

'Athletics Sycamore' Nejat Kök Burial in Izmir

Nejat Kök, one of the former presidents of the Turkish Athletics Federation, was buried in İzmir with a funeral held on the last day of the year. Nejat Kök, an educator who has served athletics for many years and one of the former presidents of the Turkish Athletics Federation, [more…]

How to Maintain Scroll Split Devices

How to Maintain Scroll Split Devices?

“How to maintain scroll split devices?” The question is asked by those who use this cooling product. For these products with very simple maintenance, you can check the company Sogutmasan. Scroll split is the most widely used today. [more…]

When to Plant a Fruit Tree

When to Plant a Fruit Tree?

The number of those who want to grow fruit saplings is very high. If you want to grow these seedlings in your garden, you can choose 1001 Saplings store. You can decorate the garden of your home or business with fruit trees. Besides the great view [more…]

Evaluation of President Erdogan
06 Ankara

2022 Evaluation from President Erdogan

While evaluating the services provided to Turkey in 2022 with his social media posts, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, "Today, we are not only welcoming a new year, but we are also entering the period when we will step into the new century of our Republic." used the expressions [more…]

Karabaglar Youth and Sports Center Half Completed
35 Izmir

Karabağlar Youth and Sports Center Half Completed

The construction of the Youth and Sports Center, which will be realized with the cooperation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Karabağlar Municipality, continues. 50 percent of the rapidly progressing construction has been completed. In the center, which will be put into service in the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic, many [more…]

Award to Izmir Agricultural Development Center
35 Izmir

Award to İzmir Agriculture Development Center

“İzmir Agricultural Development Center”, one of the important levers of the agricultural policies of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, was awarded by the Chamber of Landscape Architects of TMMOB. The Center was awarded the “Public Award” within the scope of the 13th National Landscape Architecture Awards. [more…]

Renewed Taksim Tram Service Has Started Again
34 Istanbul

Renewed Taksim Tram Service Restarted

The historical Taksim Tram No. 1883, which was put into service in 410 and serving between "Taksim-Tünel", made its first voyage today after it was renovated by IETT in accordance with its original form. One of the important landmarks of Istanbul [more…]

Eregli Coastal Road Traffic Lines Drawn
41 Kocaeli

Eregli Coastal Road Traffic Lines Drawn

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality carried out line work and marking work on the Karamürsel Ereğli coastal road. 9 THOUSAND 300 METERS STRIP Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality had renewed the coastal road in Karamürsel Ereğli District. Newly asphalted Eregli [more…]

What is a greengrocer, what does it do, how to be

What is a greengrocer, what does it do, how to be

A greengrocer is defined as the person who undertakes the management of the workplaces where fresh vegetables and fruits are sold, deals with the supply of fruits and vegetables and carries out the sales process. The answer to the question of what is a greengrocer can be given as follows; fresh vegetables [more…]