Recommendations for Healthy Skin in Winter

Tips for Healthy Skin in Winter

Acıbadem University Atakent Hospital Dermatology Specialist Prof. Dr. Dilek Bıyık Özkaya talked about 7 effective ways to prevent skin diseases and have healthy skin in winter, and gave important warnings and suggestions. "Healthy [more…]

Scientists Warn of Climate Emergency
34 Istanbul

Scientists Warn of Climate Emergency

Üsküdar University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Dean, Üsküdar University Environmental Ethics Forum President Prof. Dr. As İbrahim Özdemir starts a new year, world scientists are trying to protect nature all over the world. [more…]

Gestational Diabetes Must Be Treated

Gestational Diabetes Must Be Treated

Anadolu Medical Center Endocrinology and Metabolism Specialist Dr. Erdem Türemen gave information about gestational diabetes. In gestational diabetes, the mother's blood sugar level rises and some complications occur during and after pregnancy. [more…]

Considerations for Using Headphones

Considerations for Headphone Use

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Hospital ENT Specialist Op. Dr. K. Ali Rahimi shared information about hearing loss due to loud noise and the use of headphones. If the volume from the headphones is not too loud [more…]

'Turkish World Doping' for Bursa Tourism
16 Bursa

'Turkish World' Doping for Bursa Tourism

Bursa's being the 2022 Turkish World Capital of Culture with the intense efforts of the Metropolitan Municipality also contributed greatly to the city's economy. According to the evaluation made according to the October data, the arrivals in Bursa in 2021 compared to 2022 [more…]

Coban Start Up Period Begins in Izmir
35 Izmir

Çoban Start-Up Period Begins in İzmir

Within the scope of Mera İzmir project carried out by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, “start-up” support for shepherds begins. With the project, shepherds will be given construction materials so that they can make domestic animals and corrals. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer'of [more…]