UNESCO World Heritage Candidate Ayvalık Panel Series Continues

UNESCO World Heritage Candidate Ayvalik Panel Series Continues
UNESCO World Heritage Candidate Ayvalık Panel Series Continues

In the "UNESCO World Heritage Candidate Ayvalık" panel series; The second panel titled “Information Management in Ayvalık Conservation and Planning Process” was held at the Nejat Uygur Stage of Vural Cinema with the information of Architect Ayşegül Özer.

In the panel, information management in conservation and planning was discussed through the processes of conservation, inventory creation, and recording with GIS systems for Ayvalık.

Özer, who continues his doctoral studies on "Preservation of the Exchange Architectural Heritage in Turkey and Greece: Ayvalık and the Example of Rethymno" at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, focused on the process of creating a GIS-based inventory on 5330 buildings in Ayvalık, comparative analyzes of the city of Ayvalık over Crete / Rethymno, conservationism. He shared information within the scope of studies that can be carried out on Ayvalık by presenting different examples from the country that the concept of the concept of a system with upper and lower layers, which should not be considered only in terms of architectural restoration of buildings.

Ayvalık Mayor Mesut Ergin stated that they are taking firm steps towards entering the permanent list and that they want to achieve this. President Ergin said, “We would like to thank the architect Ayşegül Özer for presenting her academic works and sharing them with us. We hope to see the days when the panel series will continue and we will be on the permanent list of UNESCO very soon.”

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