Istanbulites Meet at Democracy Festival
34 Istanbul

Istanbulites Meet at 'Democracy Festival'

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) will celebrate the third year of the June 23 elections in a festive mood. The 'Democracy Festival', which will last all day, will take place in Yenikapı Event Area. In the programs where many colorful shows will be organized; Clock at Home, Blue [more…]

Collaboration Gained Fruit 'Sile Beekeeping Center Opened
34 Istanbul

Collaboration Gained Fruit 'Şile Beekeeping Center' Opened

The 'Şile Beekeeping Center', which was established with the cooperation of the Agricultural Development Cooperative, which was established by the union of İBB, Şile Municipality and 7 villages, was opened. The center in Yeniköy was put into service with the ribbon cut by the children living in the village. they took office [more…]

Waste Collectors Circular Published

Waste Collectors Circular Published

Ministry Circular No. 2022/6 regarding citizens who are known as "paper collectors" in the public and who collect waste without being affiliated with any business; It was published with the signature of Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change. [more…]

Masters of Tradition Supported by Registration

Masters of Tradition Supported by Registration

The Intangible Cultural Heritage Bearers Evaluation Board, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, completed its first meetings this year. At the board meeting held under the coordination of the General Directorate of Research and Education affiliated to the Ministry, 290 masters [more…]

Rally Races Begin in Eskisehir
26 Eskisehir

Rally Races Begin in Eskişehir

ETİ Eskişehir Rally, the third leg of the Shell Helix 2022 Turkey Rally Championship, is organized by Eskişehir Automobile Sports Club (ESOK) on 23-25 ​​June. The organization in which a total of 63 cars and 126 athletes will participate, [more…]

Tangerine Export Runs To Half Billion Dollars
Mediterranean Region

Tangerine Exports Run to Half Billion Dollars

The increasing awareness of strengthening the immune system in the pandemic was also reflected in Turkey's citrus exports. According to the data of the Mediterranean Exporters' Associations (AKİB), citrus exports, which include fruits such as citrus, oranges, lemons, and tangerines, will reach 2021 in 1. [more…]

Known Mistakes in IVF Treatment

Common Mistakes in IVF Treatment

Gynecology, Obstetrics and IVF Specialist Op.Dr.Numan Bayazıt gave important information on the subject. FALSE: IVF treatment is only done as a last resort. TRUE: In some cases, it is better to try IVF first. [more…]

Toyota's City SUV Yaris Cross is in Turkey

Toyota's Urban SUV Yaris Cross in Turkey

Yaris Cross, which brings together Toyota's rich SUV history and its experience in practical automobiles, was put on sale in Turkey. The ambitious new representative of the B-SUV segment, Yaris Cross, with prices starting from 667.800 TL, special for the launch. [more…]

Step To Avoid Wood Dust

6 Steps to Avoid Wood Dust

Country Industrial Corporate Solutions Director Murat Şengül explained 6 measures to protect employees in the wood and forest products industry from health risks. In addition to respiratory dysfunction, exposure to excessive amounts of wood dust [more…]

Eren Blockade Narco Terrorist Operation Started
21 Diyarbakir

Eren Blockade-18 Narco Terrorist Operation Launched

"EREN ABLUKA-18 DİYARBAKIR (ASSOCIATION) Martyr J.ÇVŞ MURAT DOĞAN" Narko in Diyarbakır Province in order to remove the PKK terrorist organization from the country's agenda, to deprive it of financial resources and to neutralize the terrorists who are considered to be sheltering in the region. [more…]

Key Female Theater Ensemble Accelerates Its Work
35 Izmir

Key Women's Theater Group Accelerated Its Work

Members of the ANAHTAR Women's Theater Group, which continues its activities at the ANAHTAR Women's Studies Holistic Service Center established within the body of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, were given certificates of appreciation for their work. Sunflower to Neptün Soyer, wife of President Soyer, in the program [more…]

IZDENIZ Dis-Gulf Expeditions Begin
35 Izmir

İZDENİZ Outer Gulf Expeditions Begin

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZDENİZ A.Ş. The General Directorate will start the outer gulf voyages, which mainly serve daily holidaymakers, on 25 June. For the first time, the Güzelbahçe-Foça route was included in the expeditions. Four of the Izmirians [more…]

New Model of Peugeot Introduced
33 France

Peugeot's New Model 408 Introduced

Peugeot's remarkable new model, the 408, brings a new interpretation to the automotive world by combining SUV codes with dynamic design in the C segment. As Peugeot ushers in a new era with the new 408, the brand's latest design [more…]