how to play bowling

How to Play Bowling?

Bowling is a type of ball game consisting of a ball with three holes, which must be held with the thumb, ring finger and middle fingers and hit the pins lined up on the opposite side. Bowling pins skittles by the public [more…]

Animal Nutrition Education for Animal Breeders in Baskent
06 Ankara

Animal Nutrition Training for Capital Animal Breeders

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality launched a training attack on “Animal Feeding in Livestock” in order to improve animal husbandry and raise awareness of producers in the Capital. In the first stage, 23 producers were given theoretical training in Polatlı Chamber of Agriculture, and in Polatlı Tatlıkuyu Neighborhood. [more…]

Sarisu Women's Beach Opens in June
07 Antalya

Sarısu Ladies Beach Opens on 11 June

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Sarısu Women's Beach opens its doors as of Saturday, June 11th. Sarısu Women's Beach, operated by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality company ANET, started the season after the maintenance and repair works were completed. [more…]

Changes Made in the Parent-Teacher Association Regulation

Changes Made in the Parent-Teacher Association Regulation

The Regulation on the Amendment of the Ministry of National Education's Parent-Teacher Association Regulation was published in the Official Gazette. According to this, all the activities to be carried out by the union are the general principles of the Turkish national education included in the Law No. 1739. [more…]

Deep Technology Base Opened
34 Istanbul

Deep Tech Base Opened

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan inaugurated Boğaziçi University Kandilli Science, Technology and Research Building. Noting that the building, called the "deep technology base", will make very important contributions to the research, development and innovation ecosystem of the country. [more…]

Blue Flag Raised on Ayvalik Provinces House Beach
10 Balikesir

Blue Flag Hanged on Ayvalık Provinces House Beach

A blue flag was hung on the beach of the Provincial House, which serves under our Ministry, in the Ayvalık district of Balikesir. Speaking at the blue flag delivery ceremony at the facility located in Küçükköy Mahallesi Sarımsaklı location, Balıkesir Governor Hasan Şıldak told the city that this [more…]

Gin Products Fair Active Its Doors In Istanbul
34 Istanbul

China Products Fair Opened Its Doors in Istanbul

Bringing together Chinese suppliers and buyers from Turkey, the China Homelife Turkey Fair was opened at the Istanbul Expo Center. The fair, which was held on an area of ​​450 thousand square meters with the participation of over 18 Chinese companies, took place on 11 June. [more…]

Dragoncup Festival Held at Keles Gokoz Pond
16 Bursa

Dragoncup Festival Held at Keles Gököz Pond

With the contributions of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Dragoncup Festival was held for the first time this year at Keles Gököz Pond. In order to instill the spirit of togetherness with teamwork, to increase their motivation and to develop a sense of belonging within the organization. [more…]

Tips to Save Electricity in Summer

Tips to Save Electricity in Summer

With the arrival of the summer months, the temperatures are increasing day by day. While the use of air conditioners and fans increases, appliances such as refrigerators and freezers work more, resulting in energy consumption. However, the consumer [more…]

Durgunsu Canoe Turkey Cup Races Have Started
26 Eskisehir

Durgunsu Kano Turkey Cup Races Started

Durgunsu Canoe Turkey Cup Races, organized in cooperation with the Turkish Canoe Federation and Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, started in Sarısungur Pond. One of the best tracks in our country for stagnant canoe races. [more…]