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How Can We Find Qibla Direction?

One of the conditions of prayer is to face the qibla. For this reason, turning to the direction of the qibla and praying is very important for the health of the prayer. What about problems in determining the qibla direction in a foreign country or city? [more…]

ESHOT Received The Greenest Office Award
35 Izmir

ESHOT Received the 'Greenest Office' Award

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate came to the fore with the Electronic Document Management System it has been implementing for five years. In the research where the enVision company, which serves more than 300 thousand users in different sectors, measured the paper savings. [more…]

When Was Ataturk Airport Built? What Was Its Old Name? Why Is It Being Destroyed?
34 Istanbul

Closure Guaranteed for Atatürk Airport

About 2 months before the Istanbul Airport tender, DHMI awarded the tender. kazanIt turned out that the company was given a guarantee that there would be no scheduled flights from Atatürk Airport. While demolition works continue to transform Atatürk Airport into a 'Nation's Garden', [more…]

Central Exam within the Scope of LGS Has Started

Central Exam within the Scope of LGS Has Started

By the Ministry of National Education (MEB), within the scope of the High School Transition System (LGS), the central exam for 8th grade students has started. The first session of the exam, which will be held in two sessions, started at 09.30:10.45 in Turkey. First session ends at XNUMX:XNUMX [more…]