How to Get Free Cryptocurrency on WhiteBIT: Most Popular Way

How to Get Free Cryptocurrency on WhiteBIT: Most Popular Way
How to Get Free Cryptocurrency on WhiteBIT: Most Popular Way

Cryptocurrency cannot be obtained just by purchasing it. Many trading platforms offer a variety of sweepstakes, contests, and referral programs that allow users to receive digital currencies as prizes. In this article, WhiteBIT on the crypto exchange cryptocurrency for free kazanWe will tell you the easiest ways to do it.

Reward for authentication

Authentication is a common procedure on cryptocurrency exchanges that provides extra security to your account, requiring your personal data.

By verifying your identity on WhiteBIT, it not only opens up new opportunities for you to use the exchange, but also allows you to participate in monthly sweepstakes. prize pool and kazanFollow WhiteBIT's social media for up-to-date information, as the number of moments may change each month.

You can sell, trade, or just keep the crypto you receive as a reward in your balance and wait for its price to rise.

Q&A Sessions

The Q&A session is a form of communication through crypto projects where WhiteBIT representatives ask questions about the project's features, objectives and ways to achieve them. Sessions are often held in Telegram in text format.

Users ask questions in the session themselves by filling out a form. The most interesting ones are then selected and asked to the team members of the project in the Q&A session. The authors of the best questions not only find the desired information, but also get a share of the prize pool.

Buy and sell competitions

If you consider yourself a skilled user, this is exactly what you need. WhiteBIT regularly organizes trading competitions in partnership with various projects. KazanTo qualify, you need to reach the largest trading volume on a given pair during the event period.

Prizes in the cryptocurrency of the project are shared out to all users who enter the leaderboard. The leaderboard usually contains 20 ranks and the amount of rewards to be received depends on the rank in the list.

Me-me contests

It is another type of activity done in partnership with crypto projects. In this event, by creating and posting a meme about a specific topic under the event hashtag kazanYou can get three. The meme in question can be in image, text or video format. The important thing is to be creative! KazanMoments are determined by the project and rewarded with cryptocurrency.

Reference program

In addition to the above, WhiteBIT also has a referral program that rewards users who bring new users to the exchange. Simply invite your friends to the trading platform using a referral link or QR code. After that, you receive 40% of the transaction fees paid by the users you refer each month. The more people you invite, the more benefits you get!

As you can see, you don't have to buy cryptocurrencies to get it. Instead, free crypto on WhiteBIT kazanYou can use the methods we listed in this article to do this. In some cases you can rely on your skills, in other cases you can only rely on luck. Choose the path that suits you best and take action!

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