Körfez Transportation Continues to Grow with 75 New Wagons

Korfez Transportation Continues to Grow With Its New Wagon
Körfez Transportation Continues to Grow with 75 New Wagons

Korfez Transportation Inc. increased its fleet of tank wagons to 75 with 520 new tank wagons purchased. With the arrival of the last wagons produced at the Greenbrier/Rayvag production facility of the USA Greenbrier, the world's largest wagon manufacturer, in Adana, the company will further increase the weight of railway transportation.

Tüpraş's subsidiary in railway transportation, Körfez Uleşement A.Ş. continues its fleet investments. Having invested in 445 new cistern wagons in addition to the existing 75 tank wagons with cisterns, Körfez Transportation took delivery of 50 of the white product wagons in March-April and the last stage 25 wagons in Kırıkkal in May.

With the availability of all 75 new wagons in the fleet, the company will further increase its transportation and strengthen its leading position in fuel transportation on the railroad. Aiming to support the development of railway transportation in Turkey in this way, Körfez Transportation will continue to contribute to faster and safer transportation while strengthening its logistics operations.

Wagons with the highest safety standard

The wagons purchased from the world's largest wagon manufacturer, USA Greenbrier, were delivered from Adana Greenbrier/Rayvag production facility. Tufan Basarir, General Manager of Körfez Transportation, shared information about the technical features of the wagons: “Our tank wagons also meet the requirements of the 'Interoperable Interoperability Technical Specification' (TSI) certification, which is the highest standard set for the railway industry within the scope of EU standards. I would like to proudly state that Körfez Transportation uses the newest fuel wagons with the highest safety standards in Turkey. The products to be transported in our wagons, which have a volume of 86 cubic meters and a length of 15 meters, vary according to the class of the fuel. Since our wagons are of the L4BH type, that is, they are resistant to high pressure values, we can transport all the white products produced in our refinery by rail with these wagons.”

“Our fleet, which will reach 520 wagons, will carry 2,5 million tons of products per year”

Stating that the new wagons also come to the fore in terms of the environmental impact of logistics operations, which is an important element in the value chain of Körfez Transportation, Çağrır said, “A cargo of approximately three road tankers can be carried with one wagon. Korfez Transport has increased its share of railways in the five years since its establishment, and transferred approximately 2022 thousand tankers from road to railway in 60. Our fleet, which has reached 75 wagons with the addition of 520 wagons, will carry 2,5 million tons of products annually. Thus, we aim to transfer 18.000 more trips from the highways to the railways and to reduce the carbon emissions from road transport by 14.100 tons per year.”

“Safe train tracking system has been integrated into the new wagons”

Explaining that they have integrated the secure wagon tracking system into all of the received wagons, Çağrır said, “Our wagons also come to the fore with innovative and safe features such as real-time tracking systems and safe lock systems. We will use this system in all of our wagons in the next 2-3 years. The system was developed with our own resources as a result of the efforts of the innovation teams within the scope of Tüpraş in-house entrepreneurship program for the needs of tank wagons. This system, which can provide real-time data flow thanks to the sensors and modules it is equipped with, also produces its own energy with innovative methods such as solar panels. In this respect, it has a more advanced infrastructure than similar products on the market.”

Maintenance Workshop in Kırıkkale provides uninterrupted service

In parallel with the new wagon investments, the activities in the maintenance workshops have also accelerated. kazanKorfez Transport employs 15 technical experts in its maintenance workshops. Carrying out not only the wagons but also the maintenance of 12 locomotives purchased from TÜRASAŞ and Stadler in these workshops at European standards, the company is able to serve Tüpraş and other customer needs without interruption, keeping operational availability at the highest level. With the newly commissioned wagon/locomotive wheel assembly workshop, it takes its competence in maintenance to the next level.

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