Balçova Cable Car Facilities Also Participated in the Sponge City Project

Balçova Cable Car Facilities Also Participated in the Sponge City Project
Balçova Cable Car Facilities Also Participated in the Sponge City Project

The Sponge City Izmir project, implemented by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to combat drought, is also being implemented at Balçova Cable Car Facilities. When the work is completed, water savings will be as much as the annual water consumption of 20 households.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerThe Sponge City Izmir project, implemented with the vision of "Another Water Management is Possible", is spreading throughout the city. With the project, which is the first in Turkey, it is aimed to store the rain water that falls on the streets and streets of the city underground. The project, which makes it possible to collect, clean and reuse the rain water falling on the roofs by harvesting, also started at the Cable Car Facilities in Balçova.

Rainwater will be collected in an area of ​​300 square meters

The project is implemented on the roof of the facility, which has a projection area of ​​300 square meters. The rain water discharged from the water gutters surrounding the roof was connected to the fire water reservoir tank with a volume of 120 cubic meters. With the application, the water that is discharged from the roof will be used in line with the needs of the facility. Thus, the use of mains water will be reduced. Approximately 191,7 cubic meters of water will be saved annually.

Sample project

Stating that they can harvest approximately 20 percent of the water used in the ropeway from rainwater, İZULAŞ Balçova Ropeway Facilities Operations Manager Anıl Saygın Aydoğdu said, “We thought that we also had a share in slowing down the water flowing on the ground surface in line with our President's vision of combating drought. We have completed our work at the upper station, our work continues at the lower station. We will fill the reservoir water tank used in forest fires with water harvested from the rain. We carried out a collective work with our staff with common mind, effort and effort. We have accomplished a task that touched their lives. Our staff working here will implement this project on their own roofs and in village houses. Our goal is to leave a better world for future generations. We think we have created an exemplary project.”

We will save serious water

Stating that they have made 56 percent of the total roof area suitable for rainwater harvesting, Aydoğdu stated that they are saving as much water as 10 households would spend per month. Aydoğdu said that when the project is completed, they will save water as much as the annual water consumption of 20 households.

It both prevents floods and saves water.

Under the leadership of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the Sponge City Izmir project was initiated by expanding the rainwater harvesting efforts shaped by the vision of combating drought in Izmir. A 5 rain garden campaign continues in İzmir, with the distribution of 5 rainwater tanks to 10 buildings by implementing an incentive system for rainwater harvesting. With the project, it is planned that İzmir will be built as a sponge city within 5 years and that the rainwater flow in the urban area will be reduced by 70% within five years. Bademler Village, Karaburun Sarpincik Village, Izmir Private Turkish College, Izmir Institute of Technology, Buca Elegantpark Site, Karşıyaka Kardelenler Kindergarten, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Bornova and Gaziemir Fire Department were involved in the project.

It also has a rural foot.

The rural part of the Sponge City Izmir project was started with the "Küçük Menderes Plain Rainwater Harvest". With the project, feeding wells, infiltration cisterns and ponds were established in the Küçük Menderes Basin and rainwater harvesting began. With rainwater harvesting, it is aimed to store the rainwater falling on the plain underground without evaporation. With the project, it is aimed to achieve significant increases in groundwater levels. It is expected to save millions of liras by reducing the energy costs of farmers and producers. Farmers considering this application will be given 2 cisterns and filtering units free of charge.

Applications are ongoing

Izmir residents who want to benefit from the rain water tank and rain gardens incentive system can apply at “”.

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