Who is İlhan İrem? Why did İlhan İrem die?

Who is ilhan irem
Who is ilhan irem

İlhan İrem was born in 1955 in Bursa. His entry into music life was when he was selected as a soloist in the school orchestra by the seniors in 1969 at the age of 14. In 1970, he won the first place in the Marmara region in the High School Music Competition organized by the Meltemler Orchestra and Milliyet Newspaper. kazanwas. She continued as a dance music singer with the same staff at Bursa Çelik Palas Hotel and Uludağ discos until 1972.

He did not achieve the success he expected with his first 1973 single "Unite All Hands – Sometimes Joy Sometimes Grief", which he made for the Discotür company with his own means in 45. After rejecting the record company's request to have other artists sing his compositions, his second 45 "Pity For Tomorrows – Come On, Wipe Your Eyes" suddenly made the young artist the most popular singer. He continued his success with his third hit "Anlasana", which was released in 1975. His fourth album, "Uncle Puppetry," in which he questioned God in 45, was recalled from the market by the record company as a result of pressure. In 1976, his first LP work “İlhan İrem 45-45” was published. “Don't be sad, my friend”, “How is the weather”, “Separation Evening”, “Living Without You”, “Honey Mouth”, etc., became the top of the list, and he published 1976 1973 songs in total between 1976-45.

With his symphonic LP "Sevgiliye", which he released in 1979, he took a new path in his music life with an academic study for the first time in the arrangement of Esin Engin. For the first time in the album "Sevgiliye", he composed and sang "Welcome", a poem by Nazım Hikmet, apart from the words he wrote. His composition "Bir Yıldız" made it to the 1979 Eurovision Turkey final, but he was drafted before he could compete. The reason for this was that the song was published on the Sevgliye album. In 1981, "Bezgin", consisting of compositions he made during his military service, was published. In 1983, his trilogy “Window… Bridge… And Beyond…”, which was the product of seven years of work and was named “Rock symphony” by the artist himself, began to be published sequentially.

In 1984, he represents Turkey in the Golden Orpheus Competition held in Bulgaria. It cannot enter the rankings, but it receives the "Journalists Special Award". kazanir. (Click here for the picture.) In 1985, the second product of the trilogy, “The Bridge”, was released for the first time, with the story of a record called “Window… Bridge… And Beyond…” (Story) told with lines. “Halley”, the lyrics of which he wrote in 1986, was composed by Melih Kibar and brought Turkey the best rating ever received in the Eurovision Song Contest that year. In 1987, the last of the trilogy, "And Beyond", was released along with "There's Someone Far Away" (The Essays). In 1988, his album "Dden Tomorrow" and in 1989 "Uçun Kuşlar" albums were published. In 1990, the third book “Catastrophe” (Poems) and “Window.. Bridge… And Beyond…” were published. In 1992, he released the album “İlhan-ı Aşk”.

Along with the albums "Koridor" and "Romans" published in 1994, the fourth book "Delirium" (Experiments) was released in the same year. “Valentine's Day / The Best Of İlhan İrem 1995” in 1, “Love Potion & Witch Tree / The Best Of İlhan İrem 1997” in 2, “Life Kiss / The Best Of İlhan İrem 1998” album in 3 and “Millenium / Virtualization” Mice, Bats and Others” (Essays), the fifth book has reached the reader.

In 2000, the albums of his old works "Bezgin", "Window ... Köprü ... And Beyond ... ", with the original recordings of which some parts were re-mixed, were released with the names "Bezginin Secret Letters", "Pale Blue Window", "Bridge to the Clouds", "Dreams and Beyond". re-released.

The new songs "I Love You" were published in 2001 and "Heavenly Hymns" in 2006. He is married to Hansu İrem, a graduate of METU Psychology. His wife has a share in many of his works.

Why did İlhan İrem die?

İlhan İrem, who was hospitalized in 2016 due to kidney disease, was connected to a dialysis machine. Sad news came from the famous artist. One of the legendary names of Turkish music, 67-year-old İrem died in the hospital where she was treated.

İrem's body will be buried in the Aşiyan cemetery in Istanbul. On the other hand, it was learned that İrem was preparing for a new album before she passed away.

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