Celine Red's Debut Track '' Now Released

Celine Red's Debut Track '120' Now Released

Celine Red's first song “120”, with which she entered her music career, took its place on all digital platforms under the Universal Music Turkey label. From dance choreographies to live performances, she has successfully pioneered her stage talents over the past decade. [more…]

Sila Wind Blows at Toronto Massey Hall
1 Canada

Sila Wind Blows at Toronto Massey Hall

Sıla took the stage at the famous Massey Hall, which hosted world stars, in Toronto, Canada. The artist, who filled the huge hall of 2.750 people, promised to come to Canada again after the unceasing applause. The most famous Turkish Pop Music [more…]

Yilmaz Morgul Cryed Live

Yılmaz Morgül Cryed on Live Broadcast

Fatma Morgül, the mother of Yılmaz Morgül, who had been in intensive care for a long time, passed away on New Year's Eve. Yılmaz Morgül could not hold back his tears while describing the moment he received the news of his death in the live broadcast he attended. of his mother [more…]

Zeynep Bastik Had an Unforgettable Night

Zeynep Bastik Had An Unforgettable Night

Zeynep Bastik recovered and breathed on stage. Zeynep Bastik, one of the best female vocalists of Turkish pop music, who started her concert series at Baku Congress Center in Azerbaijan the previous evening, gave an unforgettable night to her fans. [more…]

Volkan Atlas Presented His Second Single To Begeniye
35 Izmir

Volkan Atlas Presented His Second Single

Volkan Atlas, who has been interested in music from an early age and is one of the well-known names in the Izmir pharmacy industry, presented his second single Hükmen Galip to music lovers. Your work in Turkish slow pop style YouTube and other [more…]