Ministry of Justice to Recruit 22 IT Personnel

Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice has announced the recruitment of personnel. The Ministry, which has stated that it will recruit translators in the past days, will recruit contracted IT Personnel in order to meet the personnel shortage within its body, with the new announcement published on 17 May 2022. The Ministry has announced that it will recruit 375 contracted personnel in the field of informatics with the additional article 6 of the Decree Law No. 22.

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The Ministry of Justice will start applications for the above positions on May 18, 2022 and continue for 15 days. Applications will be considered valid only if the candidates meet the specified qualifications and the applications made on the application date.

For the application from the candidates, the conditions within the scope of the qualifications in the 657th article of the civil servants law no. 48 will be sought within the scope of the public officer. In particular, Education, KPSS, Program Language, YDS requirements will be sought.

In order to be able to apply, candidates must have obtained at least 2020 points from the Public Personnel Selection Exam held in 3 from the KPSSp60 score type at the undergraduate level.

For application, it is required to have graduated from computer engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, electrical and electronic engineering and industrial engineering departments, which provide at least four years of education.

To have scored at least (D) in English from the Foreign Language Placement Exam (YDS) administered by ÖSYM, or to have obtained the scores determined by ÖSYM, equivalent to YDS (D) level in English language exams other than YDS.

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