Beware of Flowing Water from the Tap

Beware of Flowing Water from the Tap!

Access to clean water is one of the most basic human rights; However, reinforced concrete and plastic water tanks, which are widely used in apartments, schools, hospitals and workplaces, threaten human health. What about living areas? [more…]

Uniroyal Summer Tires Top in Tests

Uniroyal Summer Tires Top Tests

RainSport 5 summer tire of Uniroyal, one of the brands of technology company and premium tire manufacturer Continental; European automobile club ACE, Austrian Automobile, Motor and Bicycle Association ARBÖ and Technical Supervision Association GTÜ [more…]

Akkuyu NGS Workers Celebrate Trabzonspor's Championship
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Akkuyu NGS Workers Celebrate Trabzonspor's Championship

The Black Sea club's first place in the Spor Toto Super League 2021-2022 season was celebrated with enthusiasm in Istanbul as well as in Trabzon, the homeland of the team. He took part in the construction of Akkuyu, Turkey's first nuclear power plant, where thousands of Black Sea residents work. [more…]

HOMETEX Excitement in the Home Textile Industry
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HOMETEX Excitement in the Home Textile Industry

BTSO Chairman of the Board İbrahim Burkay stated that the pandemic process has caused a significant change in the supply chain and said, “We have become able to keep prices in some markets where we were not competitive before and had difficulty in selling products in home textiles. [more…]

Bursa's Underwater Riches Are Revealing
16 Bursa

Bursa's Underwater Riches Revealed

The dazzling underwater world of Bursa, which hosts countless streams and waterfalls from Gemlik Bay to Mudanya, from Uluabat Lake to Iznik Lake, from Uludağ glacial lakes, will be on Sunday, May 15, 2022, as part of the World Climate Day. [more…]

Historic Unye Castle is Prepared for Tourism
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Historical Unye Castle Prepares for Tourism

Ünye Mayor Hüseyin Tavlı evaluated the ongoing works at the historical Ünye Castle and announced that the tender process for the establishment of the Walking Platform has been reached. In Unye Castle, one of the most important tourism destinations of Unye, the cloisters [more…]

Bozuyuk Tram Works Started
11 Bilecik

Bozüyük Tram Works Started

Bozüyük Mayor Mehmet Talat Bakkalcıoğlu visited the pavement arrangement works started regarding BOZTRAM rail system, which is one of the vision projects that will change the face of Bozüyük. Mayor Mehmet Talat Bakkalcıoğlu accompanying him [more…]