Who is Che Guevara
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Who is Che Guevara? Where was he born?

Who is Che Guevara of Argentine origin, one of the leaders of the socialist revolution in Cuba? Who is Che Guevara? Where was he born? Where does his lineage come from? Where are his mom and dad from? Here is the effect of all Latin America, especially Cuba [more…]

Who is Muzaffer Ozdag
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Who is Muzaffer Ozdag?

Muzaffer Özdağ, who was originally from a family of Kumuk-Kipchak origin, died on February 5, 2002 in Ankara. Muzaffer Özdağ, who was originally from a family of Kumuk-Kipchak origin, was born in Kayseri on April 15, 1933. [more…]

When Juventus Empoli Match

When is Juventus v Empoli?

Juventus – Empoli will play their trump card in the 30th week of the Italian Spring Championship today. The broadcast time of the match, the channel are curious by football fans and are searched in search engines. So, what is the Juventus Turin v Empoli match? [more…]

Why Kids Ask So Many Questions

Why Do Children Ask So Many Questions?

After children start talking, they start asking questions constantly. They ask the same question over and over without getting tired until they get the answers. But why does he ask so many questions? Guys so many questions for 2 reasons [more…]

Post-Holiday Belly Melting Recipe

Post-Holiday Belly Melting Recipe

How does belly melt happen? Here is the most effective belly loss diet… You will feel freer and happier with the recipe you will use to melt your belly. The recipe that will help you get rid of your belly easily is very simple. Required [more…]

NASA Displays Human Traces on Mars
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NASA Displays Human Traces on Mars!

NASA has imaged the remnants of the parachute that landed the Perseverance vehicle on Mars. In the statement, it was reported that the parts of the parachute were intact. Ingenuity, the US Aerospace Agency's reconnaissance helicopter on Mars, during the landing of the Perseverance rover to the red planet [more…]

Who is the Heart Writer?

Gönül Writer Lost His Left Eye

Gönül Yazar, the master of Turkish classical music, nicknamed 'Stone baby', had an accident at home last year and broke his ribs. Gönül Yazar, who regained her health after being treated for a long time, now has another bad experience. [more…]

Daily Tons of Waste to Economy in Samsun Kazanresurrecting
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40 Tons of Waste Daily in Samsun Kazanwhining

Plastic, glass, metal and paper wastes from household wastes coming to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Solid Waste Sanitary Landfill are separated and 40 tons are recycled daily. kazanviable waste to economy kazanbeing yelled. By Samsun Metropolitan Municipality [more…]