Turk Telekom Academy Entrepreneurship School

Entrepreneurship School from Türk Telekom Academy

Türk Telekom strengthens the entrepreneurship ecosystem with its newly established 'Entrepreneurship School'. The 10th term trainings of Türk Telekom Ventures' venture acceleration program PİLOT will be given with the support of Türk Telekom Academy Entrepreneurship School. This [more…]

New Arrangement for Ordu Bicycle Paths
52 Army

New Arrangement for Ordu Cycling Paths

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) held a meeting to ensure the safety of life and property of citizens and traffic order on bicycle paths. Ordu Metropolitan Municipality at the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Meeting Hall [more…]

Firat Nursery is Transformed into a Living Park
35 Izmir

Fırat Nursery is Transformed into a Living Park

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has added a new green area to Buca, one of the districts with the highest population density in the city. kazanyelling. Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that they will turn the Firat Nursery land under the ownership of the municipality into a park and make it available to the public. [more…]

Home Comfort Comes to School Hostels with PIGEP Project

Home Comfort Comes to School Hostels with PİGEP Project

By the Ministry of National Education, 1003 schools affiliated to the General Directorate of Secondary Education to achieve standards in the usage areas of the hostel, to offer the warmth of the home environment to the students, to create new living spaces in the hostels, to bring the students together with art and science, to provide the hostels. [more…]

Pregnant School Opens from Esrefpasa Hospital
35 Izmir

Pregnant School Opens from Eşrefpaşa Hospital

The centennial institution of the city, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eşrefpaşa Hospital, is opening a Pregnant School with the understanding of healthy pregnant women and healthy babies. Pregnant women who will participate in the Pregnant School are given the right to breastfeed from nutrition during pregnancy by the expert health team. [more…]

Who is Celal Sengor

Who is Celal Sengor?

Ali Mehmet Celâl Şengör (born 24 March 1955) is a Turkish academic and geologist. He was born in Istanbul as the child of a Rumelian immigrant family. Şengör, US National Academy of Sciences, American Philosophical Society [more…]

Is Sumela Monastery Open to Visit?
61 Trabzon

Is Sumela Monastery Open to Visitors?

The world-famous Sümela Monastery in Trabzon's Maçka district has been reopened to visitors. Sümela Monastery, built by carving the rocks in a forest area 300 meters above the valley, at the foot of Karadağ overlooking Altındere Valley in Maçka district, [more…]

Bornova Street Is Now Pedestrian
35 Izmir

Bornova Street Is Now Pedestrians

The works initiated to revitalize Bornova Street on the historical axis of Alsancak, the heart of İzmir, and to provide comfortable pedestrian access have been completed. The regulation works on the street, where vehicles can only enter at certain hours, attract both citizens and shopkeepers. [more…]