100 Signs on the Beaches within the Scope of the Istanbul Tsunami Action Plan

Signs on the Beaches within the Scope of Istanbul Tsunami Action Plan
100 Signs on the Beaches within the Scope of the Istanbul Tsunami Action Plan

There is a possibility that the big earthquake expected in Istanbul will cause a tsunami. IMM Department of Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement started to implement the Tsunami Action Plan. Accordingly, with the decision of UKOME, warning signs are placed on the shores of Marmara in 17 districts. Silivri, Beylikdüzü, Avcılar, Küçükçekmece, Bakırköy, Zeytinburnu, Fatih, Beyoğlu, Beşiktaş, Üsküdar, KadıköyA total of 100 warning signs will be placed in the districts of , Maltepe, Kartal, Pendik, Tuzla and Adalar.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality started preparations for the tsunami, which is one of the possible consequences of the expected great Istanbul earthquake. Information boards are being installed on the shores of 17 different districts of Istanbul within the scope of the Tsunami Action Plan. The aim of the study is to minimize the losses to be caused by a possible tsunami, and to determine the measures to be taken in order to prevent the important critical structures on the Marmara coast from being affected by the tsunami or to be least affected by the tsunami. The study is also implemented with the aim of defining the necessary stages and informing the relevant institutions and organizations about disaster preparedness.


IMM decided to extend the application to all districts expected to be affected by the tsunami. In this context, Büyükçekmece district was determined as a pilot application area. The request made to the Transportation Coordination Directorate for the tsunami evacuation routes of the district, signposts directing these roads and information boards to be made was approved by the UKOME decision. Signs were placed on the evacuation routes determined in line with these studies, indicating that pedestrians were directed and that the safe zone was reached.


According to the districts, Adalar 9, Avcılar 7, Bakırköy 6, Beşiktaş 6, Beylikdüzü 5, Beyoğlu 5, Fatih 5, Kadıköy Awareness raising activities were carried out with a total of 7 information boards, 5, Kartal 6, Küçükçekmece 5, Maltepe 6, Pendik 12, Silivri 6, Tuzla 7, Üsküdar 3, Zeytinburnu 100. According to the district-based highest flooding analysis, Büyükçekmece and Yenikapı were determined to be at risk. While the tsunami evacuation road guide sign images were completed in Büyükçekmece, the process continues for 16 districts.

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