python R & D and software house aus turkey's mobility technology product award kazandi
26 Eskisehir

PITON R&D and Software House Award Kazanoutside

Developing innovative solutions in the field of Smart City, Intelligent Transportation and Geographic Information Systems, PITON R&D and Software House won the Mobility Technology Product Award at the 4th Way of Reason in Transportation Awards of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Association. [more…]

Castrol-Ford rally team ready turkey basement Price
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Ready For Castrol Ford Team Turkey Bodrum Rally!

European Championship to Turkey kazanCastrol Ford Team Turkey, which has made its name in history by making a name for itself, has completed its preparations for the Bodrum Rally, which will be the first rally to be held on the Bodrum peninsula after 27 years. 2021 TOSFED Rally Cup [more…]

The weak bus stop is being renewed
44 Malatya

Çilesiz Bus Stop is Renewed

In addition to the services and investments it has made throughout the province, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality has started renovation works at the Çilesiz Bus Stop, which is located next to the Governor's Office, which is heavily used by the citizens in the city. Renovation works [more…]

Kaybis started its season
38 Kayseri

KAYBİS Opens 2021 Season

KAYBİS, Turkey's first bike sharing system, has been operating since 2010, and was implemented by the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality in order to create an "environmental transportation network". By Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

technology alone nothing is human everything

Technology Alone Is Nothing, Human Is Everything

Working to improve the quality of management in Turkey, Lean Institute organizes its traditional annual summit in digital environment with the theme of “Human Resources” this year. The future of human resources will be discussed at the summit, which started on April 8 and will last for 3 days. [more…]