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Armin Family Continues to Grow

Armin Elektrik is increasing its targets day by day by taking its competitive power in domestic and foreign markets from its quality policy in its works and from the satisfaction of its customers. Under the umbrella of its innovative subsidiaries Armco, Rayen, Kolarc and [more…]

isg CEO goral allegations do not reflect the truth
34 Istanbul

OHS CEO Göral: Allegations Do Not Reflect the Truth

OHS CEO Ersel Göral said, “We make every effort within our means to help our business partners overcome this crisis with us. We have provided many opportunities from rent discounts to expanding the shopping opportunities of the stores with the investment of the shop @ saw e-commerce platform. [more…]

uv-ray hygiene practice in airports
61 Trabzon

Ultraviolet Ray Hygiene Period at Airport Terminals

Devices that provide sterilization with ultraviolet (UV) rays at the airport terminals have been put into practice in 6 provinces. Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ), a new one of the effective measures implemented within the scope of combating the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic. [more…]

army still water sports center moving fast
52 Army

Ordu Calm Water Sports Center Advances Rapidly

In order to benefit more from the sea in Ordu, Metropolitan Mayor Dr. The Durgun Water Sports Center, which started its activities with the initiatives of Mehmet Hilmi Güler, is advancing rapidly. Work continues in the project, which was implemented in an area of ​​1.100 meters in Gülyalı district. [more…]

Meram has come to an end in the underground parking lot
42 Konya

Meram Underground Car Park Has Ended

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay carried out examinations in the construction of the Meram Underground Parking Lot, which was completed by the Metropolitan Municipality. Mayor Altay said that the 1000-vehicle car park will be put into service after the Ramadan Feast. President Altay, Meram's [more…]

Dilovasi multi-storey car park construction tender was held
41 Kocaeli

Dilovası Multi-Storey Car Park Construction Tender Was Held

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which facilitates the lives of citizens living in Kocaeli with the projects it has implemented, continues its investments in Dilovası district. In this context, a tender was held for the construction of the "Dilovası Multi-Storey Parking Lot and Indoor Market Place", which is one of the most important needs of the district. [more…]

saints street is reborn
35 Izmir

Saints Street is Reborn

Aiming to revive the historical axis between Konak and Kadifekale and protect Kemeraltı, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality turned Azizler Street in this area into a modern park. The street has been given an appearance that adds value to the area with its seating units and landscaping. In Kemeralti [more…]

The lgs guide has been published

2021 LGS Guide Released

This year, the application and application guide for the central exam to be held on June 6, 2021 within the scope of the High School Transition System (LGS) has been published. Central exam application and application for secondary education institutions that will take students by exam at the end of the 2020-2021 academic year [more…]

what are the risk factors for breast cancer

What are Breast Cancer Risk Factors?

General Surgery and Surgical Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Gürkan Yetkin gave important information about the subject. The incidence of breast cancer, which is the most common cancer in women, increases rapidly after the age of 30. Breast cancer from person to person [more…]

Frequently Asked Questions During Job Interviews

Frequently Asked Questions During Job Interviews

You have received the necessary training for the profession you have dreamed of for years, and finally it is time to start working life. Or you are in a better position in your profession that you have been working on for a long time and you believe you can create much better opportunities. [more…]

pet care guide

Pet Care Guide

Pets that bring joy to homes and make life better with their presence are almost members of families. To take care of our animal friends, who conquer their hearts with their sweetness and cute gestures, in the best possible way, to enable them to continue their lives in a healthy and happy way [more…]

Digitization era begins on highways

The Era of Digitalization on Highways Begins

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu made the opening speech of the 71st Highways Regional Managers Meeting, which was attended by former Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan, Deputy Minister Enver İskurt and General Director of Highways Abdulkadir Uraloğlu. 71. Highways [more…]

channel istanbul statement from minister karaismailogl
34 Istanbul

Kanal Istanbul Statement by Minister Karaismailoğlu

71. Minister of Highways Regional Director Meeting Karaismailoğlu speaking, "Dev Channel Istanbul project is Turkey's agenda," he said. Karaismailoğlu said, “As of now, the project works and zoning plans of Kanal Istanbul have been completed and tender preparations are continuing. Very soon [more…]

volkswagen expands suv family with taigo
49 Germany

Volkswagen Expands Its SUV Family with Taigo

Volkswagen has announced the name of the new sporty SUV Coupe, which will be unveiled very soon. Taigo is the name of the new SUV with a dynamic and exciting design combined with advanced technological features. Volkswagen's new SUV model family in the small segment [more…]