Kanal İstanbul Approved for EIA Report

Interesting suggestion for historical monuments in Istanbul
Interesting suggestion for historical monuments in Istanbul

Minister of Environment and Urban Planning Murat Kurum stated that they have evaluated the objections during the EIA process of Kanal Istanbul Project and approved the EIA report as of today.

The Authority answered questions about the Channel Istanbul Project and the agenda in the Ministry building.

Stating that Kanal Istanbul is a project carried out with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure within the scope of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the Agency said:

“It is the project to protect and rescue the Bosphorus, the Bosphorus, which is the project of the century, where the EIA process and the planning process are carried out by our ministry and the reconstruction practices will be carried out before the ministry. It is the freedom project of our Bosphorus. It is one of the civilization projects of Istanbul. Within the Canal Istanbul Project, we will realize smart city applications and we will implement an exemplary urbanism model that will not exceed 500 thousand inhabitants on both sides of the channel, show horizontal urbanization. Today, during the EIA process, we made evaluations, evaluated the objections and approved our EIA report as of today. Our 1 / 100.000 scale plan has been suspended, we are preparing the 5000 and 1000 scale implementation Zoning Plans. I hope we will complete them in 4-5 months and put them into practice. ”

Kurum We will carry out the Channel Istanbul Project under the leadership of our President. So 'they wanted it', 'this place is like that' he said. 'That's how it happened' he can not give up this project. We have acted with our people in every project we have done so far, we will act together with our people and we will resolutely continue our way in this project that concerns the future of our 82 million citizens in Istanbul. ”

The institution told that they will and will continue to do all the projects concerning the health and future of the public in a determined manner as they have done so far.


Referring to the change of land in the Kanal Istanbul Project, the title deeds closely follow the change process, Bakan We do not allow land rent in the Kanal Istanbul Project or in any project. As we did not do in all our previous projects, we will not allow land rent in the Channel Istanbul Project. I would like to state clearly that in the event of such a situation, we will confiscate the incident. Kul

Murat Kurum also stated that there are questions regarding the ownership of foreigners here. It is a very low rate in the Canal Istanbul Project, which is 3 hectares, ie 600 million square meters. ”

The Authority pointed out that the project claims that water resources, natural resources and seismic risk were also put forward. reports documented.

The Authority stated that the measures to be taken in the EIA report they prepared one by one, said:

Ede In the project, our Ministry of Transport will take these measures during construction. Therefore, at the end of the project, a new center of attraction for Istanbul will eliminate the risk of life and property safety of our citizens living in the Bosphorus, and with an example of urbanism, horizontal architectural based, in which earthquake houses are produced in the earthquake, R & D areas, national gardens, ecological corridors, areas where the citizen can spend 7 days 24 hours, ports and marinas. We committed here and this project our environment as we each step in going to do when the horse, we take every precaution to protect our nature, all İstanbul'umuzda we're sure of that, our whole Turkey, which, as in every project we do it earlier. "


Answering the question regarding the application numbers in the 100 thousand social housing projects, the Authority said, “There has been 100 million 1 thousand applications for 209 thousand social housing projects. In the first 100 months of our 3 thousand social housing, we will complete the projects and start construction with the tender process, and hopefully we will build and deliver all of our 100 thousand social housing to our citizens within a year and a half. ”

The Authority made a statement regarding the provinces in the applications for 100 thousand social housing and said, ler The provinces with the highest number of applications were 375 thousand applications in Istanbul, 75 thousand applications in Izmir and 56 thousand applications in Bursa, and the number of applications in other provinces is well above the quota. . Therefore, I hope we will continue our project with the same determination in 2021. We will carry out this project in a way that all of our lower income group citizens will be the hosts. I hope that this country in this country will not be left without the citizens of this project will be carried out. ”He said.


Stating that they will build solid, safe houses against disaster risk in this project, the Authority said, “At this point, under the leadership of our President, we are taking many steps from nation gardens, social housing and urban transformation. We don't have time to waste with polemics. We are determined to move forward confidently to our 2023 targets. Tı

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