baghdad railways
06 Ankara

Baghdad Railways

The 147-year history of Baghdad Railway! Professor Edward Mead Earle wrote in his book "1923" that Abdulhamid had prevented aliens from settling along the way. According to Professor Earle, II. [more…]

tcdd assistant inspector will make the purchase
06 Ankara

TCDD Assistant Purchasing Inspector

TCDD Assistant Inspector Will Recruit; 4 Assistant Inspectors will be recruited to be appointed as the Head of Inspection Board of TCDD General Directorate. The issues related to the entrance examination are given below. Exam [more…]

idea for a happier izmir marathon organizes
35 Izmir

Idea Marathon for a Happier Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Open Innovation Association organizes an idea marathon called “Hack11Mobility İdeathon İzmir” on January 12-4. Application deadline for those who want to attend the event 10 [more…]