baghdad railways
06 Ankara

Baghdad Railways

The 147-year history of Baghdad Railway! Professor Edward Mead Earle wrote in his book ”1923 Ab that Abdulhamid II prevented foreigners from settling along the way. According to Professor Earle, II. Abdulhamit, in recognition of some rights and [more…]

Kizilsa Bridge is OK
10 Balikesir

Balikesir Kiziksa Bridge is OK

Balikesir Kiziksa Bridge OK: Balikesir Metropolitan Mayor Yucel Yilmaz kept his promise, Manyas County Manyas made on the Kocasay, Gönen-Kızıksa Road Bridge Bridge construction was completed. Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, [more…]

EGİAD Trade Bridge Unites Business
35 Izmir

EGİAD Trade Bridge Unites Business

EGİAD Trade Bridge continues to set an example for the business world. EGİAD - Aegean Young Business People Association members, which is one of the most basic expectations of networking (networking) created to establish and expand [more…]

idea for a happier izmir marathon organizes
35 Izmir

Idea Marathon for a Happier Izmir

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and Open Innovation Association are organizing an idea marathon called 11 Hack12Mobility İdeathon İzmir ta on 4-10 January. Application deadline is January XNUMXth. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality more [more…]

nostalgic tram story
54 Sakarya

The Racked Nostalgic Tram Story in Düzce

The Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality's nostalgic tram project brought up the nostalgic tram that was removed after being implemented in its neighboring Düzce for 2 years. What was that nostalgic tram? Medyabar was put on the shelf after 2 years in Düzce [more…]