ankara izmir high-speed train project faces the risk of sinkhole
06 Ankara

Ankara İzmir High Speed ​​Train Project Faces Pothole Risk

The Chamber of Geological Engineers, affiliated to the Union of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB), prepared a report on the Ankara - Izmir High Speed ​​Train, which is planned to open in 2022, and the Chamber of Geological Engineers warned against the formation of a sinkhole in the Eskişehir part of the line. From the room [more…]

Mersin Transportation in Uzbekistan Transportation
33 Mersin

Mersin Transportation in Uzbekistan Transportation

Since the day it declared its independence, the commercial activities of our country with Uzbekistan, which has continuously expanded and expanded its relations with the outside world, continue with very important developments. High level commercial negotiations between the two countries and [more…]

mesudiye snow festival witnessed many events
52 Army

Mesudiye Snow Festival Performed Many Events

Festivals continue to be organized in Ordu to improve winter sports and winter tourism. In this context, the 5th Mesudiye Snow Festival was organized in the Mesudiye district Keyfalan-Ulugöl Plateau in cooperation with Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, Mesudiye Municipality and Mesudiye District Governorship. In the festival held [more…]

Due to the half-year holiday, the asti are moving days
06 Ankara

AŞTİ Moving Days Due to Semester Break

Due to the start of the semester break, AŞTİ is experiencing busy days. Metropolitan Municipality increased the security measures in AŞTİ, where the density of students increased. STUDENT DENSITY INCREASED In AŞTİ, which is operated by BUGSAŞ, which is affiliated with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, with the schools being on holiday, [more…]

Bursa is counting days for April
16 Bursa

Bursa GUHEM Counts Days for April 23

Work continues at the Gökmen Space and Aviation Training Center (GUHEM), which was brought to the city in cooperation with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and TÜBİTAK and is planned to open on April 23. Metropolitan Municipality examining the works in the center [more…]

fisher transport is working from four arms
10 Balikesir

Balıkesir Transportation Works From Four Branches

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems continues its efforts in 20 districts to ensure that citizens can access safer roads. Transportation on the roads under the jurisdiction and responsibility of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

corum railway project work will be completed by the end of the year
19 Corum

Çorum Railway Project Works Will Be Completed By The End Of 2020

About the status of the airport and railway projects that the people of Çorum waited with longing and curiosity, an answer from the Ministry of Transport was not pleasing to the citizens. The Ministry of Transport can be done in the event of an increase in passenger expectation and traffic forecasts regarding the establishment of an airport in Çorum. [more…]

domestic car will upgrade gear with butekom
16 Bursa

Domestic Automobile Will Increase Gear With BUTEKOM

Turkey's 60-year dream of the domestic automobile city which will take place in Bursa, has added a new one to its advanced technology-oriented work. Bursa Uludağ University Technical Sciences Vocational School Professor. Dr. Mehmet Karahan, Bursa Technology Coordination and R&D Center [more…]

channel istanbul project will affect the climate balance of the region
34 Istanbul

Forget Fish in the Sea of ​​Marmara if Canal Istanbul

The relationship of Kanal Istanbul with the Montreux Convention, its financial statement, and its impact on the passage of ships in the Bosphorus were widely discussed. However, the possible effects of the waterway that will connect the Black Sea and Marmara Sea to each other and the meteorological changes in the city. [more…]