Huawei WATCH 4 and WATCH 4 Pro Push the Limits in Smart Watch Technology

Huawei WATCH and WATCH Pro Push the Limits in Smart Watch Technology
Huawei WATCH 4 and WATCH 4 Pro Push the Limits in Smart Watch Technology

The Huawei Watch 4 and Watch 4 Pro push the boundaries of what a flagship smartwatch can be. The new series features a premium futuristic aesthetic design with the most advanced suite of health management features. With this smartwatch, users can manage their health in style and be more proactive in taking care of themselves.

The medical grade ECG and 4-channel optical heart rate sensor with TruSeen 5.0+ heart rate monitoring, which is standard on the Huawei Watch 8 Series, provides accurate monitoring of heart health indicators such as arrhythmia, heart rhythm and pulse pattern. This advanced technology provides precise ECG analysis of various results, alerting users to significant heart-related risks such as irregular heartbeat and arterial stiffness.

Early signs of lung dysfunction often go undetected, but the Huawei Watch 4 Series addresses this issue with its new Breath Control. It assesses lung health with the help of a proprietary respiratory spectrum analysis algorithm, along with objective indicators such as respiratory rate, SpO2 range and cough sounds, along with risk information such as smoking or air pollution. The newly introduced Huawei Health App empowers users to take preventive measures and protect their lungs by providing easy access to assessment results and specific recommendations.

Huawei Watch 4 also features advanced sleep monitoring with Huawei TruSleep 3.0. In addition to the ability to automatically detect the user's sleep duration, with improved accuracy in sleep tracking, and analyze multiple physiological parameters based on body movement, heart rate, and HRV, to present the comprehensive sleep structure of sleep and naps (including light sleep, deep sleep, REM, and wakefulness). It also records the quality of your sleep.

Premium materials and design for a premium user experience

Huawei Watch 4 Pro features aerospace-grade titanium case that gives the smartwatch a luxurious feel, while the industry-leading Spherical Sapphire Glass on the watch face adds a stylish touch with durability to withstand daily use. Huawei Watch 4 features a black stainless steel case design with 3D curved glass that brings a streamlined aesthetic for a futuristic style. Clock dials based on the moon and six different planets adapt to the theme of the series.

Huawei Watch 4 Pro features a 71,72-inch Low Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide (LTPO) flexible display with a screen-to-body ratio of 1,5 percent and an Always-On Display (AOD) with energy efficiency as low as 1Hz. Huawei Watch 4 features a 74-inch LTPO flexible display with up to 1,5 percent screen-to-body ratio and a thin 0,855mm bezel for better visibility. Both smartwatches support free diving resistance up to 30 meters, water resistance of 5ATM and have an IP68 rating.

Both Huawei Watch 4 Pro and Huawei Watch 4 come with their own unique straps. Huawei Watch 4 Pro has two options: Titanium bracelet with H-shaped detachable design and polished surface, or Dark Brown Leather strap with handmade surface for a contemporary and elegant look. Huawei Watch 4 comes with a sporty, minimalistic black Fluoroelastomer strap that is also easy to clean.

Get real-time access to your health information to stay on top

The Huawei Watch 4 Series includes traditional indicators such as heart rate and SpO2, as well as advanced monitoring features such as ECG, Arterial stiffness detection, stress levels, skin temperature and lung function. Health Glance and Health Trends provide easy-to-understand overviews of the assessment, including an intuitive wave graph. Smart Health Reminders send timely notifications and recommendations to help users maintain healthy heart rate and blood oxygen levels. It also provides real-time reminders for anomalies, warning you early of any problems.

With the Health Community function in the Huawei Health App, users can invite family and friends to view their health metrics and updates. The Health Community function allows users to remotely check the health of their loved ones with fall detection and alerts for abnormal readings.

Improve your fitness program with over 100 different sports modes

The Huawei Watch Series 4 is an outstanding fitness companion that offers users more than 100 sports modes, including popular activities such as running, cycling and swimming. The latest smartwatch comes with Free Dive Mode, which can withstand salt water, heat and shock, passing rigorous water pressure tests. In addition, the watch also includes water temperature monitoring and compass functions for diving, making it an ideal fitness tool for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

The enhanced Activity Rings function is a powerful motivator, enabling users to reach their fitness goals. With real-time feedback and alerts on their progress throughout the day, users are constantly encouraged to reach and exceed their personal goals.

Everything you could want in a smartwatch

Huawei Watch Series 4 introduces a new UX design in a magazine-style layout for easier viewing of data and active apps. The upgraded eSIM functionality allows for standalone calling and messaging, while the Super Link functionality connects smartphones and headsets with the same account, allowing users to make calls, control music and take photos remotely from their watch. Petal Maps Watch Edition, Huawei's first map application for watches, offers navigation services without the need for a smartphone. It even supports real-time sync and vibrating reminders, so it's more convenient when exercising.

Thanks to its Dual-core architecture 4, which provides users with Standard Mode capabilities and Ultra Long Battery Life Mode, Huawei Watch 2.0 Series can automatically program the most suitable processor to run applications according to user scenarios. Huawei Watch 4 Pro and Huawei Watch 4, which have dual mode features, offer 4,5 days and 3 days of battery life, respectively, under typical usage scenarios with Standard Mode. For extended use, users can switch to Ultra Long Battery Life Mode, which provides up to 4 days and 4 days of battery life for Huawei Watch 21 Pro and Huawei Watch 14 respectively. In this mode, the user experience is not compromised and users continue to take full advantage of features such as sports mode and health monitoring. Huawei Watch Series 4 comes with Huawei Watch Wireless SuperCharge features for a fast and convenient charging experience when the battery runs out. A short charge of just 15 minutes gives users a full day's use.

The prices of Huawei Watch 4 and Watch 4 Pro watches vary between 13 thousand 499 TL and 18 thousand 499 TL depending on the model and preferred strap style. In addition to the new smart watches offered for sale through the Huawei Online Store, a 500 TL discount on the basket, a 699 TL discount is provided with the Huawei FreeBuds 5i and AWATCH4600HW coupon code of 600 TL.

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