TOGG Becomes Head of Convoy at Soldier Farewell

TOGG Became Head of Convoy at Soldier Farewell
TOGG Becomes Head of Convoy at Soldier Farewell

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank did not break 20-year-old Kadir Bacak's request for Togg. Cappadocia color Togg became the head of the convoy at the farewell of the soldiers in İnegöl.


The T10X model of Turkey's Car Togg, whose deliveries continue, continues to attract great attention in Bursa. Industry and Technology Minister Varank, who is a parliamentary candidate from Bursa, encountered an interesting demand at the opening of the Youth Center held by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in İnegöl district.


Kadir Bacak, who is originally from Kahramanmaraş and lives in İnegöl, stated that he would fulfill his national duty in the near future and requested the use of Togg to send off soldiers from Minister Varank. Minister Varank, who did not break the demand of the Mehmetçi, made a promise to the young man.


On the instructions of Minister Varank, the Cappadocia colored Togg arrived in İnegöl on 5 May. Kadir Bacak sat behind the wheel of the T10X with the Turkish flag, wearing a shawl. Kadir Bacak, who toured İnegöl, was accompanied by the young soldier's relatives and friends.


T10X, which also came in front of the İnegöl Municipality, was met with great interest from the citizens. Kadir Bacak, who will do his military service in Tokat, said, “We requested Togg from our minister at the opening of the Bursa Youth Center. Our minister did not offend us either.” said. Leg also thanked Inegol Mayor Alper Taban for his support and contributions.


A color survey was conducted in November from Togg's official social media accounts. Cappadocia was the first in the survey by far.

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