Up to 75 Thousand Liras of Support Will Be Provided to SMEs in the Earthquake Zone

Up to Thousand Liras of Support Will Be Provided to SMEs in the Earthquake Zone
Up to 75 Thousand Liras of Support Will Be Provided to SMEs in the Earthquake Zone

KOSGEB will provide reimbursed support up to 75 thousand liras in order to contribute to the maintenance, modification, repair, personnel, raw material, material, equipment and hardware expenses of SMEs operating in the manufacturing sector in the earthquake zone.

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank announced the new support of KOSGEB on his social media account. In his message, Minister Varank said, “We continue to heal the wounds. We do not leave our SMEs alone, whose workplaces were damaged in the earthquake and who continue their business despite these difficult conditions. Through KOSGEB, these enterprises; We provide 75 thousand lira support for their needs such as maintenance, repair and personnel.” used the phrases.

Minister Varank said the following about KOSGEB support in a television program he participated in Osmangazi Municipality Panorama 1326 Bursa Conquest Museum: We have activated a new support. Here, we are talking about small shops, especially in the bazaars we have just established. We have a shopkeeper. There has been minor damage in his shop. We will give an interest-free loan of up to 75 thousand liras through KOSGEB so that he can continue his business. 1 year non-refundable, payable in 3 years. We will provide this support to anyone who applies.


KOSGEB support will be valid in the provinces and districts included in the state of emergency declared due to the earthquakes on 6 February and afterwards. In order to ensure that the activities of SMEs operating in the manufacturing sector are not disrupted and their continuity is ensured, Disaster Period Business Support was put into practice within the scope of the Business Development Support Program.


From the 75 thousand lira upper limit support, from the enterprises that received documents from the official authorities regarding the workplace damage; operating in temporary shopping areas, industrial sites established after the earthquake or NACE Rev. Part C according to 2 – businesses operating in the manufacturing sector will be eligible.


Businesses; Support will be provided for service procurement expenses for the maintenance, modification and repair of the buildings in which they operate, the personnel expenses they employ and their receivables related to their fields of activity, as well as raw materials, materials, equipment and equipment. It will be checked whether the expenses were realized after the great earthquake disaster.


Refunds to be made within the scope of the support program; It will be made in 12 equal installments in 4-month periods, with 6 months grace period from the date of completion of the program. The repayment date of the first installment will be the first business day following the 12-month period after the completion of the program.


KOSGEB has carried out studies for SMEs in the region since the first day of the earthquake. 2023 debts of enterprises to KOSGEB and all debts of operators who lost their lives in the disaster were written off in order for SMEs to recover quickly.


The Emergency Support Loan Program was initiated in order for the damaged businesses in the region to return to their activities. Fast financing of up to 1 million liras was provided to businesses in this situation by looking at their scales.


With the Disaster Period Living Space Support, non-refundable container support up to 300 thousand liras was implemented for SMEs and tradesmen in earthquake zones. Businesses can benefit from the support, which is 30 thousand liras per container, up to 10 containers.

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