Cengiz Eroldu has been re-elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of OSD

Cengiz Erol has been re-elected as the Chairman of the OSD Board of Directors
Cengiz Eroldu has been re-elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of OSD

The Automotive Industry Association (OSD), which is the most rooted organization in the sector with its 13 largest members shaping the Turkish automotive industry, held its 48th Ordinary General Assembly. Cengiz Eroldu, who took over the Chairmanship of the Association's Board of Directors at the General Assembly last year, was re-elected as the Chairman.

The Automotive Industry Association (OSD), which is the most rooted organization in the sector with its 13 largest members shaping the Turkish automotive industry, held its 48th Ordinary General Assembly. In the General Assembly, attended by Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır, as well as public representatives and sector stakeholders; Important messages regarding the effects of the earthquake disaster, the works of the automotive industry in this process and the importance of the contribution of the automotive industry to the economy in this period were shared. While Cengiz Eroldu was re-elected as the Chairman in the new term of OSD, Deputy Chairman Süer Sülün, Vice Presidents Münür Yavuz, Erdoğan Şahin, Aykut Özüner and Accountant Member Yusuf Tuğrul Arıkan, as in the previous term.

“We continue our support to the earthquake zone”

In his speech at the General Assembly, Cengiz Eroldu stated that they are sad to experience one of the biggest natural disasters in our country's history and said, “As in the past, the automotive industry continues to work with all its strength to heal the wounds of this disaster. As the automotive industry, we learned our lesson from the 1999 Gölcük earthquake. That's why we, as the automotive industry, reacted quickly. Since February 6, our members have been continuing their various support for the shelter needs of earthquake victims, both through the service of their expert staff in the region. OSD members donated more than 30 vehicles to AFAD during this process and allocated more than 60 vehicles for use. Nearly 129 experts, 200 of them search and rescue teams, provided human support. It delivered material with over 72 vehicles, 100 of which were trucks. Unfortunately, we have lost our members and service network employees and their families in the earthquake region. We have facilities that were destroyed, heavily and moderately damaged. We continue our support to heal the wounds of both our organizations and all our citizens. The most important way to overcome these disasters and the problems we experience is for the country to continue producing and exporting. The country must continue to create value. In fact, this has brought even more important responsibilities to our automotive industry this year.”

“Owning a large and important automotive industry is actually our pride”

Cengiz Eroldu, who also evaluated the year 2022 in terms of the Turkish automotive sector, said, “Last year as an industry, we produced 1 million 350 thousand vehicles in Turkey. This means an increase of 6 percent compared to the previous year. As an industry, we have invested more than 10 billion dollars in the last 10 years. Again, we achieved a 1 percent growth in exports with approximately 4 million units. Our total exports were 31,5 billion dollars. We are an industry that has had a foreign trade surplus for the last 7 years. We closed the year 2022 with a foreign trade surplus of 9,1 billion. On the other hand, of course, the automotive industry stands out as an industry that also serves the growth and development of Turkey. The domestic market share of domestic products produced by the Turkish automotive industry is 39 percent in automobiles, 59 percent in light commercial vehicles, 65 percent in trucks, 100 percent in buses and 90 percent in tractors. This actually shows 2 things: One is that the share of domestic vehicles in commercial vehicles and tractors is very high, which is a very important value. Secondly, this picture shows us how the automotive industry actually supports the growth of the country. Domestic industrialists can meet almost all of the country's needs, especially in heavy commercial vehicles and tractors. This emerging picture is a very difficult one to realize. How many countries in Europe can we see such a picture today? It is likely that only such a result can occur in 2-3 countries. In other words, it is our pride to have such a large and important automotive industry. Of course, our automotive industry makes its difference not only by supporting the country in finance and finance, but also by creating employment and doing R&D.”

Pointing out that the automotive industry increased its direct employment by 2022 percent in 9, Eroldu said, “On the other hand, our members have 15 R&D centers and our total R&D expenditure in 2022 was 7 billion TL. In addition, we have R&D employment of 5 thousand 200 people. These numbers continue to increase every year. In the coming years, we will see an increase in the R&D employment of the automotive industry. On the other hand, the automotive sector succeeded in obtaining 2022 patents in 236. All these are important indicators of how willingly and enthusiastically our automotive industry works in R&D.”

Turkey is the 13th country in the world that produces the most vehicles!

Reminding that Turkey maintains its position as the 2022th country producing the most vehicles in the world in 13, Eroldu said, “When we look at the position of the Turkish automotive industry in the global arena, we see that we continue to be the leader in commercial vehicles and tractors in the European Union. All these are the results that the Turkish automotive industry has achieved by putting one stone on another during the last 50 years. We actually made a good start to 2023. When we look; In the first 2 months, our total production increased by 14 percent. On the other hand, we closed the first 8 months with an 2 percent increase in our exports, and this picture gives us hope for 2023. The most important sine qua non of the automotive industry is the expansion of industrial production. Our industry already has a capacity of 2 million. We want to increase this capacity even more and create even more value. We have three main topics here. Protection and development of exports, expansion of the domestic market by considering the trade balance, and rejuvenation of the automotive park," he said.

The strategic goal of the sector is to be among the first 3 countries in Europe and among the top 10 countries in the world in automotive production!

Speaking at the general assembly, OSD Chairman Cengiz Eroldu said, “The great transformation of the automotive sector and geo-political developments, strict climate targets and intensifying trade environment are challenging us all. Despite these difficulties, we believe that we will continue our success in the coming period. Of course, we have one sine qua non for industrialists, we always have to raise the bar. In other words, as an industrialist, we can never settle for a performance that is backwards or below our current performance. This is in our DNA as an industry. That's why we, as the automotive industry, want to raise the bar despite all the difficulties. As a sector, we have a strategic goal of being among the top 3 countries in Europe and the top 10 countries in the world. These goals will have a huge impact on our country's economy and our people. In the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we, as automotive industrialists, will continue to work and pursue these goals. We will never take a step back from this," he said.

Success Awards found their owners!

The Ordinary General Assembly also announced the owners of the OSD Achievement Awards, which have been held since the 1990s and have become traditional. At the OSD Achievement Awards, the owners of which were determined as a result of their performance in 2022, the three members with the highest exports in terms of amount among the OSD members and the member with the highest percentage increase in their annual exports on the basis of amount were entitled to receive the Export Achievement Award.

While 2022 OSD members who registered the most patents in 3 were entitled to receive the "Technology Achievement Award", one OSD member was awarded in the Corporate Social Responsibility Project area, which was first introduced in 2019 and determined as a result of the evaluation of an independent jury.

In addition to the “Achievement Awards” determined by the evaluations of OSD Members within the framework of quality understanding, delivery reliability, competence in technology development and competitiveness criteria, supplier industry companies that received awards in the categories of “Technology and Innovation” and “Contribution to Sustainability” were also determined.

Companies that are entitled to receive the Export Achievement Award

Three OSD Members with the Most Exports by Value in 2022;

Ford Automotive Industry Inc. (6,3 Billion Dollars Export)

Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey Inc. (3,4 Billion Dollars Export)

Oyak Renault Automobile Factories Inc. (2,5 Billion Dollars Export)

OSD member with the highest increase in exports on the basis of value in 2022;

Otokar Automotive and Defense Industry Inc. (40% increase)

Companies that are entitled to receive the Technology Achievement Award:

Mercedes Benz Turk A.S. (87 Registered Patents)

Tofaş Turkish Automobile Factory Inc. (71 Registered Patents)

Ford Automotive Industry Inc. (46 Patents Registered)

Companies that are entitled to receive the Corporate Social Responsibility Project Award

Türk Tractor “One Sign is Enough” Project

Companies that are entitled to receive the Supply Industry Award;

OSD members with a production capacity of less than 100 thousand:

Kale Oto Radytör San. ve Tic. Inc.

Sazcılar Otomotiv San. Trade Inc.

OSD members with a production capacity of over 100 thousand:

TKG Automotive Industry. ve Tic. Inc.

All OSD members:

PİMSA Automotive Inc.

Technology and Innovation Award:

Coşkunöz Metal Form San. ve Tic. Inc. “Digital Transformation and Engineering Development Studies”

Martur Fompak International “Customer Experience Enhancement with Digital Twin and Augmented Reality”

Companies that are entitled to receive the Contribution to Sustainability Award;

Ak-Pres Automotive Inc.

Maxion Jantaş Jant Industry and Trade. Inc.

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