Psychological Support to Earthquake Victims from Antalya Metropolitan
07 Antalya

Psychological Support for Earthquake Victims Coming to Antalya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality provides psychological support to earthquake victims who came to Antalya after two major earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş. In the Metropolitan Municipality Family Education Centers, priority is given to the families of the earthquake victims, so that they can overcome this process in a healthier way. [more…]

Game Developers Side with Earthquake Victims
46 Kahramanmaras

Game Developers Side with Earthquake Victims!

After the earthquake disaster that took place in the east of our country and affected many people, many game developers published a project in Humble Bundle, where they will put their games on sale and donate the proceeds to earthquake victims in order to help earthquake victims. Humble [more…]

Kayseri City Hospital Tram Services Started
38 Kayseri

Kayseri City Hospital Tram Service Started

President Büyükkılıç, addressing the passengers in the passenger seat on the new T3 line, said, “We are rapidly continuing our work in order to serve the beautiful people of Kayseri and to increase their transportation quality.” Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Memduh Buyukkilic, [more…]

Effects of Earthquake on Heart Health

Effects of Earthquake on Heart Health

Altınbaş University Faculty of Medicine Head of Cardiology Department Prof. Dr. Özlem Esen also mentioned the effects of the earthquake on heart health and gave important warnings. The earthquake disaster we experienced about a month ago [more…]

EGIAD Business World is in Earthquake Zone
35 Izmir

EGİAD Business World is in Earthquake Zone

The wounds of the earthquake disaster, which stifled the country and deeply affected the economic and social life, are being tried to be healed. In this context, the Aegean Young Businessmen Association (EGİAD) Chairman Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Deputy Chairman Kaan Özhelvacı [more…]

Methods of Overcoming the Fear of Earthquakes

Methods of Overcoming the Fear of Earthquakes

Salih Tekinalp, a psychologist working at Şanlıurfa Mehmet Akif Inan Training and Research Hospital, made important statements about the impact of the earthquake on people. Although the earthquake is defined as a natural disaster with unpredictable results, the country [more…]

February Foreign Trade Data Announced
06 Ankara

February 2023 Foreign Trade Data Announced

According to the data announced by the Ministry of Commerce, exports in February were 18,6 billion dollars. “May Allah bless our citizens who passed away due to the earthquake disaster that affected 6 provinces and millions of our citizens on February 2023, 11. [more…]

Eurocup Excitement in Izmir
35 Izmir

Eurocup 2 Excitement in Izmir

One of the most important cups of Europe will be held on March 15-10 in Izmir, which hosted a European Cup series for the last time 11 years ago in wheelchair basketball. André Vergauwen in 2008 [more…]