Kocaeli Tramway Vehicle Purchase Tender Result

Kocaeli Tramway Vehicle Purchase Tender Result
Kocaeli Tramway Vehicle Purchase Tender Result

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues its works for the tram line that will extend to Kuruçeşme. While the works are continuing intensively for its opening in a short time, the Metropolitan has organized a tender for the purchase of 10 new tram vehicles. While only one firm participates in the tender held at the Metropolitan Tender Hall, the decision will be announced after the evaluation of the tender commission. Offering an offer of 697 million TL Bozankaya If Automotive is approved, the vehicles will be delivered to the Metropolitan within 540 days.


The new vehicles will have a speed capacity of 70 kilometers per hour and will be environmentally friendly. The vehicles will be made with a modern look, minimally affected by environmental conditions and suitable for contemporary living conditions. There will be two wheelchair spaces for disabled citizens in each of the vehicles. Wheelchairs are close to the disembarkation and embarkation points and will also have key areas. The total load to be carried by the vehicles in one trip was calculated by taking the mass of a passenger as 70 kilograms. Thus, the vehicle will carry approximately 11,5 tons of cargo at once.


The trams will be between 28 and 33 meters long. The passenger landing and boarding doors of the vehicles will be made as 4 double doors or 4 double and 2 single doors, provided that they are in both directions. Vehicles with a driver's cabin at both ends will be able to operate single and double on the existing line. When a vehicle is standing on the platform, the clearance between the ground level of the vehicle and the platform edge in the passenger doors will not exceed 75 millimeters, even under the worst wear conditions. The height of the vehicle floor from the platform will not exceed 1,5 centimeters. It is planned that the station platform height and the vehicle door sill level will be the same, and the platform and rail code height should not be more than 35 cm.

Günceleme: 20/03/2023 15:20

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