Many Countries Condemn Pelosi's Taiwan Visit

Many Countries Condemn Pelosi's Visit to Taiwan
Many Countries Condemn Pelosi's Taiwan Visit

The visit of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the Taiwan region despite China's fierce objections and serious initiatives was condemned by many countries.

Foreign ministers of many countries, including Russia, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Palestine and Nicaragua, strongly condemned Pelosi's initiative and reiterated their support for the One China policy.

In the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry, it was reported that Russia considers Pelosi's visit to Taiwan as a clear provocation. In the statement, it was pointed out that the Taiwan issue is entirely China's internal affairs, and that China has the right to take the necessary measures in the Taiwan issue to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In the statement of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was stated that respecting the sovereignty of all countries is one of the most basic principles of the United Nations Charter. In the statement, which called on the United States, as a UN member, not to take initiatives that harm the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other countries, it was emphasized that Iran insisted on the One China principle.

In the statement of the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pelosi's visit to the Taiwan region was strongly condemned. The statement said this was a hostile attempt in violation of international law and an irresponsible act of the United States to create continued tension in the Asia-Pacific region and other parts of the world, as well as that this trip poses a serious threat to world peace and tranquility and introduces new instability to an already fragile global situation. expressed.

In a statement made on the same day by Palestine, it was stated that the One China policy was respected by always supporting China's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Palestine reaffirmed China's right to defend its sovereignty, security and development interests, while calling for the cessation of all initiatives contrary to the One China principle.

Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada Colindres said in a statement that they strongly condemned Pelosi's visit to the Taiwan region of China. Colindres also pointed out that the Nicaraguan government fully supports the Chinese government and people's stance and statements on the Taiwan issue, as well as resolutely defending China's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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