Turkey's Most Beautiful Bicycle Road
55 Samsun

Turkey's Most Beautiful Bicycle Road

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality continues its works on the 'Adnan Menderes Boulevard Green Walking Road and Bicycle Road Project'. The road works have been completed in the project, where the physical realization has reached 95 percent. Cycling on the road where landscaping continues [more…]

The School Project in Basic Education Neared the End
06 Ankara

The End of 10.000 Schools Project in Basic Education

The 10.000 Schools in Basic Education project has come to an end. The physical spaces of the disadvantaged 10.000 primary and secondary schools selected for the project were strengthened; Comprehensive educational support was provided to students, teachers, administrators and parents. Successfully executed project [more…]

Eren Blockade Operation Started in Mard
47 Mardin

Eren Blockade-31 Operation Started in Mardin

Eren Blockade-528 Operation Started in Mardin with the Participation of 31 Personnel by the Ministry of Interior In order to remove the PKK terrorist organization from the country's agenda and to neutralize the terrorists that are considered to be sheltering in the region, “Eren Blockade-31 (Mardin-Bagok) [more…]

86 China

MG Reached 1 Million Sales Units

The British automobile brand MG, of which Doğan Trend Automotive is the Turkey distributor, continues to rise successfully by increasing its concentration on electric vehicles, after it was acquired by Chinese Saic in 2007. nearly 100 years old [more…]

President Erdogan Made a Test Drive with TOGG
41 Kocaeli

President Erdogan Takes a Test Drive with TOGG

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan took a test drive with the Togg prototype in Gebze Informatics Valley. After the "Those Who Add Value to Kocaeli, the Center of Industry and Technology" Award Ceremony, which he attended in Gebze Informatics Valley, President Erdoğan attended the test. [more…]

Erzurum Congress Ended

Today in History: Erzurum Congress Has Ended

August 7 is the 219th day of the year (220th in leap years) according to the Gregorian calendar. Number of days left until the end of the year 146. Railway 7 August 1903 Thessaloniki-Manastir Railway Baraka located at 169,5 km was attacked by Bulgarian bandits. [more…]