1,5 Million Cruise Ship Passengers Will Visit Istanbul

Million Cruise Ship Passengers Will Visit Istanbul
1,5 Million Cruise Ship Passengers Will Visit Istanbul

Like the importance of cruise tourism, the income it provides is increasing day by day. Those who took the cruise state that they spent 750 dollars at the ports they stopped during their seven-day voyage. The recently completed Galataport project makes an important contribution to the increase in tourism revenues of our country.

The importance of cruise tourism in coastal destinations, which is among the driving forces in the global tourism industry, is increasing day by day. According to the data published by the Cruise Lines International Association, the international representative of the industry, 5 out of every 3 people who go on a cruise say that they return to a destination for the first time by cruise ship, while they spend 750 dollars per person at the ports they stop at during their seven-day voyage. Figures released by the General Directorate of Maritime Affairs indicate that the number of cruise passengers arriving in our country, which was 2021 in January – June 232, reached 186 in the same period of this year. The recently completed Galataport project has an important role in this rise. Galataport, one of the main stops of cruise ships, attracts the attention of cruise passengers in different fields from gastronomy to design, from music to shopping, while the products and solutions of domestic companies in the construction sector both make the travels of the visitors comfortable and indirectly contribute to the country's economy.

Domestic solutions turned into a signature at Galataport

Okan Cüntay, General Manager of ABS Yapı, which works to eliminate the level differences along the 1,2 kilometer coastline of Galataport, evaluated the issue with the following words: It is Istanbul's gateway to the world from the sea. The port, with an investment of 1,7 billion dollars, is among the most important port projects worldwide. We have completed our work at Galataport so that tourists who want to contribute to the Turkish economy and explore our country can spend a comfortable time in their destinations. By taking part in the project of increasing the 1,2 km coastline with the ABS Plus blind formwork system, we turned our solutions developed with the latest technology into local benefits.”

Useful areas have been created on the coastline

Stating that they carried out intensive works along the coastline during the construction period of Galataport, Okan Cüntay shared the following information about the coastline upgrade project: “Blind formwork system at H1,2 cm and H30 cm heights to eliminate level differences on the 60 km coastline of Galataport Istanbul. we used After the process, we took all the relevant plumbing connections onto the concrete thanks to the plumbing channels that were easily passed under the formwork system. After filling it with ABS Plus blind formwork system, we poured 10 cm of concrete on it and created a reinforced concrete floor. In this way, we have achieved great benefit and convenience throughout the project by passing the electrical, water and mechanical installations, which are used extensively in the area, through the installation galleries formed by the ABS Plus system. By using our solutions developed with the latest technology in the construction of Galataport, we created a useful area for both teams and visitors.”

1,5 million cruise passengers will visit Istanbul every year

Underlining that the underground car park with a capacity of 2 vehicles, which is one of the pillars of the project, provides a practical solution to the parking problem of the city, ABS Yapı General Manager Okan Cüntay conveyed the benefits of Galataport to our country's cruise tourism with the following words: “Cruise ports continue to increase their share in coastal tourism. It is anticipated that a total of 400 million cruise tourists will visit Istanbul every year through Galataport. We are proud to take part in this important project, which is Istanbul's gateway to the world by sea, and to transform our domestic solutions into benefits for the country's economy.”

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