İZSU Completed Cleaning Works on Main Collector Line

Comprehensive Works on IZSU Main Collector Line Completed
Comprehensive Works on İZSU Main Collector Line Have Been Completed

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZSU General Directorate completed the cleaning work on the main collector line of the Grand Canal Project within the scope of its work to prevent the odor problem. With the completion of the works carried out on the 10-kilometer line, the odor problem in the region and possible blockages were prevented.

Continuing its work day and night for a healthier infrastructure and sustainable environment, the General Directorate of İZSU continues to clean channels and grids on many routes to prevent odor problems. Cleaning of the main collector line, which was initiated for this purpose, has been completed in all regions. Within the scope of the project, the cleaning of the collector line with a diameter of 2200 millimeters was completed as a result of intensive work, and the odor problem in the region was resolved.

The collector line will work more healthily and efficiently

Cleaning works of the main collector line covering Mürselpaşa Boulevard, Food Market, 1st Industrial Site, Fatih Street, Manas Boulevard, Meles Creek and 9 Eylül Square were carried out with combined vehicles with high vacuum power. With the renewed line, blockages were prevented and waste reaching İzmir Bay was prevented.

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