Samsun to Iraq Railway

Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO) President Zeki Murzioğlunu Canik Mayor Osman Young, Samsun should be a brand that exports to the world. A healthy economic growth is undoubtedly done by the private sector.

Canik Mayor Osman Young, recently re-elected in the general meeting TSO Chairman Zeki Murzioğlu and visited the board of directors. Congratulating President Murzioğlu and wishing success in the new term, President Genç pointed out the importance of the private sector for the growth of a city. Young, the cities competed today to reach the goals of Samsun city dynamics of the investor should give confidence, he said.


Stating that businessmen are the dynamos of the city, President Genç said, adam The more successful our businessmen and traders are, the more the city progresses. Our whole effort is to make this city again the commercial capital of Anatolia, second Istanbul. Although Samsun is not today economically desired, it is more than enough to carry the city forward. When this city is owned by the investor, I believe that when it gives confidence to the investor with its dynamics, it will see much better days. Bu


Stating that cities have come to the forefront, Genç said, belirten What draws investment, attracts employment, creates a peaceful and happy city is the city's own dynamics. Think of the city as an airplane. If the plane is about to move, it needs wings. The city's wings are transportation and trade. At this point, the Samsun-Iraq Railway which will connect Samsun to the Middle East should be implemented. From the Kurtalan district of Batman to the city of Zaho in Iraq, the rail should be extended. Apart from this, between Samsun and Batumi, Fast Freight and Passenger Train Line must be available. Bun


Samsun also draws attention to the lack of industrial land in the President, X Samsun OSB 1 million 600 thousand square meters and is not available for expansion. However, Gaziantep OSB 46 million square meters and expandable. We need to expand our existing Organized Industrial Zone. No matter how good you are, how big the harbor you do, if you do not make good connections to the other infrastructure works that will make the harbor work well, your port does not matter. We should consider the Black Sea provinces as the districts of Samsun. Then we need to look at the hinterland of this city. On


Deki If the information produced at the university does not make an economic contribution to Uncle Mehmet's counter or our commercialist in the city, that information is not information. For this reason, we organize so many international symposiums and bring our scientists together with our city. It should not only be a production for Samsun but also a brand that has been exported to the world. At this point, the private sector falls into a big role. Because a healthy economic growth is undoubtedly realized by the private sector. We are ready to give support to our investors all the time. Biz


Zeki Murzioğlu, President of TSO who expressed his support for the development of Samsun as businessmen, thanked Mayor Genç for his visit. At the end of the visit, President Young, Murzioğlu'a Canik Municipality Pressed by the past from the past to the book gave the book of Samsunspor.

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