TÜVASAŞ to Purchase Continuous Workers

Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation, commonly known as TÜVASAŞ is based railcar manufacturer Adapazari. TÜVASAŞ manufacture of TCDD rail transport is responsible for the regeneration and repair of all TCDD Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is connected to a local manufacturer.

Workers to Make TÜVASAŞ Continuous Acquisition: high school graduate with recruitment ads published by TÜVASAŞ Turkey wagon 27 Industry has announced the purchase of permanent workers will perform.

high school graduate with recruitment ads published by Turkey wagon Industries announced that it would carry out the purchase 27 permanent workers.

Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. Headquarters in position by permanent workers published today announced the purchase of civil servants announced by TÜVASAŞ total 27 people will be taken. Purchases will take place at the secondary level, ie high school level. TÜVASAŞ will be realized according to the results of continuous employee recruitment KPSS. KPSS score should be at least 60. Applications will be made via Sakarya İŞKUR or İŞKUR website. The applications of the candidates for the recruitment of permanent workers will be examined and the candidates will be subject to an oral examination. Oral examination will be held by TÜVASAŞ.

TÜVASAŞ Applications for continuous recruitment 28 December 2015 started as of. According to the announcement text; 13 January was announced as 2016.

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