34 Istanbul

Special Transportation in Istanbul

Special Transportation for New Year in Istanbul: Istanbul will meet the new year on the street. Taksim, Nişantaşı and Bağdat Street will be held in the street parties will meet ten thousand. All the metro and trams will run until 02.00 for celebrations. [more…]

25 Erzurum

Unable to ski to Kop mountain

Unable to ski to Kop Mountain: Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sports Cengiz Karakasoglu Spor 2409 cannot be skied because it does not have enough snow at Kop Mountain Winter Sports and Ski Center located at the summit of Kop Mountain at altitude D Youth [more…]

41 Kocaeli

New Year's Day in Kartepe Ski Center

New Year's Density in Kartepe Ski Center: At the summit of Samanlı Mountains in Kocaeli, the ski center in Kartepe, which is about 1,5 hours away from Istanbul, will host domestic and foreign guests during the New Year holiday. Turkey's skiing and snow in Kartepe the most important centers of winter tourism 45 [more…]

36 Kars

Ski Cibiltepe will be Turkey's pupil

Cibiltepe Ski Center will be Turkey's pupil Kars Governor Eyup Hill, "thanks to Cibiltepe Ski investments will take its place among the most popular ski resorts in Europe" Governor Eyup Hill, Sarıkamış Governor Muhammad Robust, Mayor Ilhan [more…]

34 Istanbul

Istanbul Brand City Will Be

Istanbul Brand will be a City: In recent years, Istanbul, which has a steady increase in the value of urbanization worldwide, is taking important steps towards becoming a brand city with the latest change and development indicators. New projects to redesign the city in Istanbul [more…]


Samsun's New Tram Will Be Served Today

Samsun's new tram will be put into service tomorrow: the new tram from China by the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality will be launched today. The new tram from China by the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality will be launched today. From the CNR Company of the People's Republic of China and [more…]


RayHABER Has Three Years

rayhab Three age to Bass .Türki and improvements made to the world in the rail field, instantly and accurately as possible in a social responsibility to make news has been perceived as a project and rayhab established to create awareness on the news about the rail system [more…]

34 Istanbul

The horrors of the detector at Taksim Metro Station

The horrors of the detector at Taksim Metro Station: In the incident that occurred in the Taksim subway, X-TRX Aykut Kelek, a passenger at the metro station 20, was wounded by a security officer who had been hit by a metal detector. He was hospitalized after his initial intervention. Young people discharged from hospital, security [more…]

Intercity Railways

National Train to be Tested in Eskisehir

National Train to be Tested in Eskişehir: milli National Rail Systems Research and Test Center (URAYSİM) işlem will be established in Eskişehir and 2018 reported that the national train planned to be on the tracks will be tested and certified. URAYSİM Coordinator and Anadolu University (AU) [more…]


Tender Announcement: Car Rental Service

Car Rental Service will be taken General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) 1. REGIONAL MATERIAL DIRECTORATE Car Rental Service will be taken together with the personnel Service procurement The open tender procedure according to the article 4734 of the Public Procurement Law No. 19 [more…]


High Speed ​​Train Line

High Speed ​​Train Line Displacement: In Eskişehir, High Speed ​​Train (YHT) caused a collapse on the next railway line due to the construction works of the urban underground passage line. Eskişehir-Ankara and Eskişehir-Konya flights due to collapse YHT 's Eskisehir [more…]


How to prevent accidents in Uludağ Ski Center

How accidents are prevented in the ski resort of Uludag: hemmed in Turkey's leading winter tourism centers of skiing in Uludag his track hundreds of holidaymakers in the trunks of the trees with a sponge to prevent accidents. A member of the Uludag Ski Sports Club in the past years [more…]