Buca Metro Opening Date Announced

Buca Metro Opening Date Announced
Buca Metro Opening Date Announced

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyerdrew attention to the investment of Buca Metro at the festival held for Hıdırellez, the herald of spring. Soyer stated that the biggest investment in İzmir's history, the Buca Metro, will be completed in 2026, “Because the money is in your pocket. We don't expect anything from anyone," he said.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality celebrated Hıdırellez, the symbol of abundance and fertility, considered the herald of spring, on the site of the destroyed Buca Prison. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer and his wife Neptün Soyer, CHP İzmir Provincial Chairman Şenol Aslanoğlu and his wife Duygu Aslanoğlu, MP candidates of the Nation Alliance Rıfat Nalbantoğlu, Güldem Atabay, Yüksel Taşkın, Fulya Akçay, Mehmet Şahin Fırat, Seda Kaya, Hacer Foggo, Buca Mayor Erhan Kılıç, Narlıdere Mayor Ali Engin, representatives of political parties and many citizens attended. The program, in which the slogans "Everything will be fine" were shouted, started with the songs of world-famous percussionist Hamdi Akatay, DJ Uğur Ablak and Tepecik Orchestra.

“We will continue to invest”

Addressing the crowd at the festival, the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyermentioned the investments of the Metropolitan Municipality. Reminding that they started the construction of Buca Metro despite the economic crisis, the President Tunç Soyer“In 2026, we will complete the biggest investment in İzmir history. Because he has money. We do not expect anything from anyone. We're just going to dig that tunnel and unload the subway trains. You will see, we will finish in 2026. In short, inflation and the cost of living will not stop this important investment. We will continue to invest,” he said.

“Buca took a breather”

Buca Mayor Erhan Kılıç said, “Those who love the Bronze Mayor came here to support our president despite the rain and mud. Rain is fertility, and the awakening of spring, which is the symbol of fertility, takes place with Hıdırellez. I congratulate all of you on Hıdrellezi. When we took office, this area consisted of a pile of concrete and stones, which had become a negative symbol for Buca. We fought very seriously. We did all we could to remove Buca Prison from the heart of Buca, and finally Bucalı was able to breathe. Buca Prison has been abolished," he said.

Kılıç said, “The abolition of the prison was one of our most important wishes. The biggest project in Izmir's history is the Buca Metro. We would like to thank our President Tunç for the metro. We will have a comfortable underground transportation," he said.

After the speeches, the fires were lit. Citizens made wishes and jumped over the fires.

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