Complaints About Salary Promotions Increase 287 Percent

Complaints About Salary Promotions Increased Percent
Complaints About Salary Promotions Increase 287 Percent

Solution platform Complaintvar focused on salary promotion and limit increase. While public and private banks are trying to gain new customers with their promotional campaigns, millions of retirees and employees continue to closely follow the most attractive offers offered by banks. Complementing the role of a bridge between brands and consumers, Complaintvar focused on salary promotions in this period of increasing competition. According to the data covering the period between 31 March 2022 and 31 March 2023; Complaints about salary promotion related to banks ranked first with a 287 percent increase compared to the previous period. The number of complaints, which was 2022 in 808, increased to 2023 thousand 3 in 133. While 293 complaints about promotions were received by public banks in the previous period, this number reached 436 with an increase of 572 percent in the new period. Complaints in private banks about promotions increased by 486 percent from 506 to 2 thousand 966.

Complaints about withdrawal limit increased by 212 percent

Another issue that consumers sought solutions for private and public banks was the withdrawal limit. Complaints about withdrawal limit across all banks increased by 212 percent. The number of complaints, which was 763 in the previous period, increased to 2 thousand 384 in this period. There was a 52 percent increase in complaints about short messages and e-mails sent by banks to their consumers for the purpose of announcing their campaigns and advertising.

POS device complaints reached 46 percent

With the virtualization of almost every transaction in the financial world, the problems faced by consumers and the issues they expect to be solved have also changed, and this has led to an increase in complaints. In this context, the fact that the complaints reaching the platform about POS devices increased by 46 percent compared to the previous period is also a result of this change. Again, money transfer transactions realized in the virtual environment and the problems experienced by the consumer during transactions increased by 44 percent compared to the previous period.

According to the research; In the mentioned period, complaints in the entire banking system increased by 22 percent from 423 thousand to 518 thousand, complaints about private banks increased from 28 thousand to 295 thousand with an increase of 377 percent, and complaints about public banks increased from 10 thousand to 128 thousand with an increase of 142 percent.

HGS-OGS and KGS complaints in public banks decreased by 44 percent

When the subject headings that experienced a decrease in complaints during the said period are examined, it is seen that the biggest decrease was experienced in automatic transition systems. According to the data, when compared to the previous period, 21 percent of all banks experienced a decrease in KGS-HGS and OGS complaints, while this rate was 44 percent in public banks and 40 percent in private banks. In the same period, it is seen that there was a 30 percent decrease in account maintenance fees in public banks and a 37 percent decrease in online transactions.

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