Ministry of Health 2023 Age 65-72 Reappointment Draw Announcement!

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In the Additional Article 3359 of the Health Services Basic Law No. 1 of the Ministry of Health, “Van appointments to be made to the staff and positions of specialist physicians, specialists in medicine, specialists in medicine, dentists and pharmacists in accordance with the legislation of public institutions and organizations, without obtaining the permission of the vacant appointment, after the completion of the procedures stipulated in the legislation. and their placement is made by the Ministry of Health without examination and by drawing lots.” provision is included.

On the other hand, in the Annex 17 of the aforementioned law, "Physicians and specialist physicians working in health institutions and organizations belonging to the Ministry of Health and its affiliates, and family physicians employed in accordance with the provisions of the Family Medicine Law No. 24 of 11/2004/5258, are approved by the Ministry every year. provided that he can work until the age of seventy two. " regulation has been included.

In this context, in line with the Circular dated 23/11/2017 and numbered 2017/19, the placement procedures to be carried out in order to ensure the re-employment of physicians and specialist physicians between the ages of 65-72 and who previously worked in the Ministry of Health or its affiliated organizations are It will be done by lot in the computer environment.

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1) Applications will be made within the periods specified in the draw calendar by entering the e-government gate identity verification system via the Personnel Information System (PBS) located on the website of the Ministry of Health Administration Services General Directorate (

2) The place and time of the draw will be announced on the internet address (/

3) Candidates who will apply will fill in the application form electronically on PBS, save and finalize their preferences between the dates specified in the lottery calendar. After the finalization process, the application information and preferences will not be changed. Applications that are not finalized will not be taken into consideration.

4) The finalized application form will not be sent separately as physical documents.

5) Candidates who will apply will be able to make a maximum of ten (10) choices within the framework of the announced calendar, considering the places to be opened on the Personnel Information System (PBS). Candidates who declare that they want to be settled with the general lottery will be placed in the vacant vacancies with the general lot if they cannot be placed in their preferences.

6) Those who want to apply for the draw and have their application canceled can cancel their application for the lottery electronically via PBS until 23:2023 on Thursday, March 12, 2023 – Wednesday, April 18, 00. Those who have canceled the drawing application cannot apply for this drawing again.

7) Applications that are not deemed appropriate as a result of the examination will be announced on PBS as a substitute for notification together with the reasons for rejection, and the objections will be received electronically and the results will be announced on PBS.

8) In the reassignment of those who have withdrawn or are deemed to have withdrawn from the civil service, the periods specified in Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 97 are taken into account. However, among those who are in this situation, the applications of those who have one month until the end of their disability as of the application deadline will be accepted.

9) In the appointment notification of the candidates who have been placed in the positions of the Ministry of Health and Affiliated Institutions, the address specified by the candidate in the application will be taken as basis.

10) Those placed in any staff or position as a result of the draw will not be able to apply for the lottery again for one year after the announcement of the results of the lottery.

11) Applications of candidates who do not comply with the conditions specified in the text of the announcement will not be accepted. Those whose applications are accepted inadvertently and placed by lot will not be appointed and will be canceled even if they have been appointed.


1) Candidates must meet the general conditions specified in Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48.

2) Physicians and specialist physicians who have completed the age of 65 as of the date of the lot and have worked in the Ministry of Health or affiliated institutions before, and who have not reached the age of 72, (Physicians below the age of 65 can apply to other open appointment rules announced.)

3) Physicians and specialist physicians who retire ex officio due to the age of 65 and continue to work as a contracted family doctor may apply to this rule.

4) Lot applications of those who do not meet the above conditions will not be accepted.

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