'Heritage Site Tours' Continue in the Capital

Heritage Site Tours Continue in the Baskent
'Heritage Site Tours' Continue in the Capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB) continues its Ankara Heritage Construction Site Trips, which it organizes to introduce the citizens to the works it has carried out to protect the cultural and historical heritage of the city as well as transfer it to future generations.

Bekir Ödemiş, Head of the Department of Cultural and Natural Heritage, participated in the 'Ankara Heritage Construction Site Trips', which was held for the 9th time, and gave the following information about the works:

“Arkeopark Roman Theater work, Ankara Castle restoration work and Ulus Historical City Center renovation work are all works we have carried out to prepare our Ankara for the 100th anniversary of the Republic. We have implemented most of them. We aim to make these works visible both by the Turkish people, especially by the people of Ankara, and by guests from abroad.”

Emphasizing that they aim to ensure that the citizens living in Ankara know, recognize and own these values ​​of the city they live in, Ödemiş said, “The sense of belonging to a city develops only with these. The exciting thing is: There is a very serious demand. This means that our people in Ankara have an expectation in this regard. We also share in this excitement. We believe that such activities will fill an important gap.” said.

Citizens who participated in the trip organized by ABB and were informed about the history of Ankara and the works in the region expressed their thoughts with the following words:

Sengul NazTopal: “I am studying in the architecture department. Restoration interests me a lot. That's why I want to take care of it. I saw that these trips were organized on the school's website and applied. The trip was a very good experience for me. I would like to thank the authorities who provided this opportunity.”

Hilal Sena Attack: “I am a 4th year student of architecture department. I learned about these trips from my friend. I am very satisfied, it is very beautiful. I'm really curious about the finished version. I would like to come again.”

Tulin Acar: “I joined the trip both to satisfy my curiosity and to have information about the history of the period. The fact that such a work is being carried out in the heart of Ankara made me both happy and hopeful. Preparations for the legacy we will leave to future generations are being made today. I would like to thank the people working here and the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.”

Günceleme: 24/01/2023 14:55

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