Ege Elektromarket Aluminum Cable Services

Ege Elektromarket Aluminum Cable Services
Ege Elektromarket Aluminum Cable Services

Choosing the right product among the hundreds of types of aluminum electrical cables available can be complex and difficult. For cable selection, the way of use and the environment in which the product is used are very important. In determining which power cord is right for you, it is very important in which environment you will use it. Aluminum electrical cables you need Aegean Electromarket You can buy the services offered by Solid core and densely insulated cables have little flexibility. Moderately flexible, loosely braided cables are easy to shape. Thin elastic cord types are models that adapt to any environment and can be easily bent.

Aluminum Cable Prices

Aluminum is one of the metals that is not found in free form on earth. However, its compounds are found in all plants, rocks and animals. Aluminum obtained by electrolysis is a metal that is easily attacked by acids. It has a high ability to bind with oxygen. Production increased from 1900 tons in 7.000 to 1956 million tons in 3. Since it is abundant in the world, it is desired to be used in various fields and is preferred for its lightness and decorativeness. In the electricity sector, it replaces copper for economic reasons. Aluminum cable pricesAnother factor affecting the production is very expensive treatment equipment. In other words, unlike copper, its raw material is plentiful but the refining process is expensive. Since aluminum is in its free state, it is covered with an oxide layer. This layer, which it is covered with, maintains the hardness of the product up to its melting point. It also slows the progression of oxidation. In copper, on the other hand, the thickness of the oxide layer formed increases over time and the metal is constantly lost. Copper oxide is a conductor and aluminum oxide is an insulator.

Aluminum Electrical Cable

Electrical cords keep lights on and machines running. In other words, the power cord powers the product itself. Cables are the method that is always used to transmit electricity correctly. One of these cables aluminum electrical cable is happening. Aluminum cable types are on our website, which guarantees customer satisfaction. Aegean Electromarket You can review the products and buy the product that suits your needs. Whatever material it contains, its main purpose is to provide energy to the product or its environment. Some cables do this with higher quality and strength. It is important that the selected product is suitable.

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