Move from İBB to Relieve Maritime Transportation: '7 New Sea Lines Will Be Created'

IMM's Move to Relieve Sea Transportation A New Sea Line Will Be Established
Move from IMM to Relieve Maritime Transportation '7 New Sea Lines Will Be Created'

7 new sea lines will be established in order to expand sea transportation and ensure the integration of public transportation in Istanbul. With the unanimous decision of UKOME; There will be voyages parallel to the coast and connecting the two continents to the Sea of ​​Marmara, the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn. With the decision that will increase sea transportation by 17 percent in the short term, Istanbulites will have faster and more comfortable journeys.

Istanbul's geography extending from east to west, and its natural structure that unites and separates two continents, make it necessary to use the sea route more effectively in public transportation. In the city that lives 7/24 with urban vitality, socio-economic and cultural richness; A new planning was made to increase the integration of public transportation.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) presented a proposal to UKOME to establish 7 new sea lines in order to integrate the rail system and bus transportation on both sides. The proposal to increase the share of the sea in transportation in Istanbul, which is a sea city, was accepted unanimously.

With the new voyages to be made parallel to the coast and between two continents, it is aimed to spread sea transportation throughout the city, to increase accessibility by providing sea and land integration in public transportation, and to offer an environmentally friendly, fast and comfortable journey.

An average of 48 thousand daily journeys are made in Istanbul with sea voyages on 230 lines. With these 7 added lines, it is aimed to increase sea travel by 17 percent in the short term to 270 thousand.


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