Energy Market Regulatory Authority to Recruit 47 Officers

Energy Market Regulatory Authority
Energy Market Regulatory Authority

07 (two) Translation and Interpreter, 01 (seventeen) Engineers, 2022 (one) Librarian, 2 (two) Analysts, 17 (fourteen) translators, between 1 March and 2 April 14 by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority. An entrance examination will be held for a total of 5 (forty seven) staff, including Management Officer, 4 (five) Communication Officers, 2 (four) Drivers and 47 (two) Technicians.

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a) Fulfilling the general conditions written in sub-clause (A) of the first paragraph of Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No.48,

b) To be a graduate of the undergraduate and associate degree programs specified in the table in article (V) of this announcement, and a higher education institution in Turkey or abroad, whose equivalence to these programs has been approved by YÖK, and to meet the special conditions as of February 11, 2022, the application deadline,

c) To be among the number of candidates determined by the procedure in the entrance exam announcement, provided that they have obtained 75 or more points from the types of points specified in article (V) in the Public Personnel Selection Exam held for the (B) group positions whose validity period has not expired as of the application deadline,

ç) Not being placed in any staff or position belonging to group B with the KPSS score to which the application will be made, as a result of the central placement made within the framework of the provisions of the General Regulation on Examinations for Those Appointed for the First Time to Public Offices.


Entrance exam application dates: 31 January - 11 February 2022

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