Tesla Prepares to Produce a New Model at its Factory in China

Tesla Prepares to Produce a New Model at its Factory in China
Tesla Prepares to Produce a New Model at its Factory in China

Tesla plans to manufacture a model series under the Model 3, the middle class limousine it developed in China for the world market. The company has not made a concrete statement about the model in question for now, but it is said that work on the new model has started in the automotive industry in China.

Tesla's boss, Elon Musk, announced that the newly developed new 4680-battery cells will enable the production of an electric car that will be available for sale for $2023 before tax in 25. This small Tesla model, which can be sold cheaper than the previous models, will also be equipped with the most modern autonomous driving technique. As a matter of fact, Musk stated on Twitter that vehicles without steering wheels and pedals will be produced and delivered later in this series.

According to Chinese media, the new Tesla will go on sale in 2023, as planned, equipped with steering wheels and pedals, like classic passenger cars. According to many local media outlets, it will cost $25 and will be called "Model Q". The shape of the new electro-auto is similar to the Model 3, but slightly shorter than it, and the rear design will be more like a sports car. It will reach 3,9 kilometers per hour in 6,9 seconds to 100 seconds from takeoff. It will also be available in three separate versions with rear-wheel drive, as in the Model 3 and the mid-size-SUV Model Y. The autonomy distance, that is, the sufficiency distance of a charge, will be 400 kilometers.

The new electric vehicle will be manufactured at the Tesla facility in Shanghai and will be designed for the global market. However, it is announced that Tesla is considering a new battery supplier partner for the Model Q. This partner is envisaged to be the Chinese BYD Group, which delivers batteries equipped with affordable LFP (Lithium-Iron-Phosphate) technology. The company is expected to announce its Model Q production plan soon.

Source: China International Radio

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